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Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras have been making headlines in recent months as more and more people are advocating their use for police officers. Body worn cameras have many benefits not only for police officers but also for bank tellers and even documentarians! WorldEyeCam offers a series of body worn surveillance cameras that can record video and audio on the go. We offer various discreet styles including Bluetooth headsets, glasses and hats all with hidden cameras attached. These surveillance cameras are affordable, discreet and can be used in a variety of settings.

body worn cameras

One of the main benefits of body worn cameras is that they provide complete, first person footage of events. They can be placed on the front of a shirt or on glasses or a hat to record a first-person perspective. The cameras capture better evidence and are more reliable than witness testimony. Obviously this can be a huge benefit for police officers in the line of duty but it can also be beneficial for private investigators gathering evidence or for customer service and marketing agents looking to improve customer interactions.

We have seen that mounted surveillance cameras in businesses and on public streets increase accountability and create safer environments. These same results can be seen in interactions between citizens and police officers with body worn cameras.

body worn cameras

Worldeyecam offers body worn cameras that are capable of storing up to three hours worth of recorded footage. The footage can then be uploaded to a computer via USB cord for viewing and archiving. Battery life may be a concern for some users who need to record for long periods of time. Traditionally these cameras work best when they are only turned on during crucial interactions and turned off the rest of the time. This saves battery life and storage space.

Technology will continue to advance in the coming years and body worn cameras will become increasingly beneficial to a wide range of users. We here at Worldeyecam are excited about the advancements in this area of video surveillance and look forward to what’s coming next.


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