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7 Reasons Why You Need To Integrate Your Systems In to One Security Solution

From a business standpoint, it’s almost foolish not to. 

In laymens terms, integration of systems simply means trimming the technology “fat” and using one master system for all of your security needs, saving time, costs, and liability, and increasing procedural effectiveness, which means better safety for you, your staff, consumers, your property and your business.

Every day, business owners and administrators strive to improve the effectiveness of their business. While the first thoughts tend to go to profits, budget, costs, marketing, and productivity, one essential aspect has a tendancy to be overlooked: Security.

In today’s broad-spectrum environment of safety hazards, simply putting up a few cameras and hiring someone to monitor them isn’t going to cut it like it might have in the old days in terms of liability.

The best protection can only be achieved using a multi-faceted system.  And having the best protection isn’t a luxury.  It’s a necessity that can save millions of dollars in damages, or even lives.

What Systems Can Be Integrated?

Most businesses have some kind of security measures in place.  For example, they may have:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • P.A System
  • Uniformed Guard Service
  • Etc.

However, there is so much more to take in to account.

  1. Efficiency

Running a business or any organization requires a huge amount of time and energy to be spent on a plethora of tasks, one of which is security. An integrated system takes what would have been many high-energy tasks and combines/automates them into one easy, organized duty.

Assigning a specific role for a specific person in regards to the different sectors of the integrated security system will allow the team member to utilize their skills, specifically in that area, ultimately ensuring the management team that the tasks assigned to that specific person will improve efficiency.


  1. Centralization

As stated above, security system integration allows many tasks to become one. Management can get a full report, a full view, and see/hear every detail of what’s going on right from one spot, or even remotely, saving time and improving work flow.

  1. Theft Prevention

No matter what kind of industry you’re in, theft is always a threat.  But who’s actually stealing from you might be surprising.

According to the Kroll Annual Global Theft Report, theft remains predominantly an inside job. The 2016 figures show that 60 percent of frauds are committed by insiders, up from 55 percent the year before. Integrating a specifically catered security system for your organization can help to prevent theft.


  1. Monitoring Who, What, When, Where and Why at the Same Time

With an integrated solution, one person can easily view live or play back their feed day or night and instantly know who has been where, what has been accessed, added, or removed from property, when it happened, and even why they were there with access control, audio and visual monitoring, and two-way intercom systems, license plate and facial recognition, and even night vision.


  1. Conflict Resolution

Some integrated security systems come with a package of video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarms, PA systems and audio surveillance.

All of these elements will come forth if a problem were to arise in a work place or on campus, whether it be an internal/external burglary, attempted break-in or just about any security threat that can occur on campus.  Having an all-in-one security system can be the answer to each of these problems and more.


  1. Boost Productivity

An integrated security system can increase productivity in the workplace. According to Kristin Morgan at St. Francis University, “Employee monitoring is being used to increase customer satisfaction, improve employee performance and enhance productivity.”

This allows administrators and management to monitor their employee activities, as it’s one of the most essential points in protecting their organizations from unwanted actions at the workplace.  The economical benefits from this are astronomical.  Which brings us to the final point…

employee monitoring

  1. Savings

In the long run, systems integration will protect your business and save you money. With an integrated security system, institutions have multiple outlets to look into and see what occurred and why it occurred. There is also the possibility of a reported incident not happening at all. Integrated systems can help your campus uncover bogus claims. Being alerted to break-ins, fires, accidents, and other incidents as they happen or are about to happen can save countless dividends in damages and can even save lives and prevent injuries.

Finally, proactive action is key in all of this. Failing to have an up-to-date integrated security system can lead to the worst of situations.  Waiting until something bad has happened to decide you need appropriate security measures in place is waiting too long.


But where to start?

The world of security can be confusing, and many business owners and managers have no idea where to start going about getting a system that is appropriate for them.  For a starting point, you can check out World Eye Cam’s Security Solutions page and see what kinds of systems are available for your industry, and which ones fit your needs. 

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