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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Analog System

If you have an analog surveillance system but need higher resolution footage then it’s time to upgrade to an HD-CVI system. High definition surveillance systems provide superior image quality which allows you to see more details such as faces and license plates. These HD-CVI systems will also allow you to zoom in when playing back footage while still maintaining a clear image. Best of all, these systems are very affordable! Here are our top 5 reasons for upgrading to HD-CVI today:

1.) Better Resolution – HD-CVI technology provides high definition images with up to 2MP resolution. This is worlds better than traditional analog systems which top out at around 1000TVL resolution. High resolution images are integral in surveillance especially when trying to capture clear details of people and places.

2.) Easy Installation – HD-over-coax systems, like HD-CVI, use the same cabling as most traditional analog systems. You can use your existing RG59 and CAT5/6 cables when upgrading to HD-CVI which will save you money on cabling and installation.

3.) Low Cost – While HD-CVI systems provide resolutions that rival IP systems, they are about a fraction of the cost. Worldeyecam has great deals on many affordable systems that will allow you to record high definition video without breaking the bank.

4.) Digital Zoom – Being able to zoom in while playing back footage is a great feature available with both analog and HD-CVI systems, however, the digital zoom image quality is far superior with HD-CVI than with analog. HD-CVI digital zoom allows users to zoom in on specific areas and get clear, detailed images while analog digital zoom only provides grainy, pixilated images.

5.) Fewer Cables – HD-CVI systems need only 1 cable to transmit audio, video and pan/tilt/zoom control. Traditional analog systems can often call for many cables which can get complicated and messy. Fewer cables mean easier installation and a cleaner look.


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