Smart Point-of-Sale System That Will Nearly Eliminate Your Business Losses

In the world of retail, one of a business owner’s main concerns is the loss of inventory and money. Transactions at the Point Of Sale can be a main cause of this loss, due to the moral shortcomings of customers or even employees. An effective POS-DVR surveillance solution can help employers deal with these situations.

Monitoring the most crucial area of your business with GeoVision’s POS-DVR System with GV–Data Capture from World Eye Cam allows you to remotely track and monitor every transaction down to the last detail, with high definition video, real-time text overlays describing each transaction, video recording for later analysis, and even push notifications and alarms to alert you to any unusual activity.

Monitor up to 16 points of Sale or Cash Registers, display or hide transaction text messages on screen and on recorded videos, quickly find videos by using keywords from transactions such as text from receipts and transaction events. The text can be customized by font, text size, color, and background color as desired.  Retroactive analysis and investigations are a breeze with the advanced search options: all videos can be listed based on terms such as specific time frames and pre-defined transaction criteria, such as voids or refunds, and all transaction data can be stored in Microsoft Access format as well.

Organize and filter videos by keywords, such as “coke” or “coupon” into new and separate system logs with the POS Field Filter, so you can find whatever videos you need in seconds.  With Abnormal Transaction Alerts, you will never miss anything important, such as large or unusual purchases.  An SMS, email, or phone message will alert you to any pre-defined actions as they occur, saving you from having to monitor constantly, as well as the worry that something will be overlooked.  Color code text for easy transaction alerts.  You can even log every time the cash drawer opens and shuts.

Don’t expect to be limited to just video either; live and recorded audio monitoring can be set, recorded and customized to the start of every transaction or any desired time as well.  Track your customer statistics with Customer Flow Counting there to count every incoming and outgoing customer and car.  Pin point any suspected shoplifters with the pre-defined case sensitive search area, and save on networking expenses with static IP support.

Intelligent and good looking cameras and software look sleek and discreet in your business as well. No more blaring cameras or bulky equipment.  With intuitive software, dewarping features and a compact design fisheye camera doing the work of four cameras in one, you’re ensured the perfect view from your monitor.

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