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HD-CVI Cameras

HD-CVI surveillance cameras rival Network IP and HD-SDI while costing about the same as an analog CCTV system. They offer a resolution up to 1080p and can transmit uncompressed video up to 1500 feet. HD-CVI security cameras only need one cable for video, audio and pan/tilt/zoom and are compatible with a variety of cables including coaxial cable and Ethernet. These surveillance cameras will need to be used with HD-CVI DVRs for recording footage but the overall cost is usually less than Network IP systems. Power is supplied by 12V DC or 24V AC.

HD-CVI Dome Cameras 4 Products

  SKU Product Sale Price
PDC40I212H=SD40212I-HC 2MP 12x PTZ HDCVI Camera $948.00
$533.00 (Save 44%)
PDC42I212H-C=SD42C212I-HC 2MP 12x PTZ HDCVI Camera $948.00
$533.00 (Save 44%)
HCC5120R-IR-Z=HFW2220RN-Z 2.4Megapixel 1080P Water-proof HDCVI IR-Bullet Camera $255.00
$143.00 (Save 44%)
HCC5321E-IR/28=HAC-HDW2221MN 2MP WDR HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera $165.00
$92.30 (Save 44%)
HCC3320E-IR/36=HAC-HDW1220EMN 2MP HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera $129.00
$71.50 (Save 45%)
HCC3120RM-IR/36=HAC-HFW1200RMN 2MP HDCVI IR Bullet Camera $114.00
$63.70 (Save 44%)
HCC3320M-IR/28=HAC-HDW1200MN 2MP HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera $114.00
$63.70 (Save 44%)
HCC7121E=HAC-HF3231EN 2MP Starlight HDCVI Box Camera $387.00
$217.10 (Save 44%)
HAC-HFW1100VF=HAC-HFW1100RN-VF 1MP HDCVI IR Bullet Camera $156.00
$87.10 (Save 44%)
HCC5341R-IR-Z=HAC-HDW2401RN-Z 4MP WDR HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera $327.00
$183.30 (Save 44%)
IMAX-HDCVI-DM-2.8-12MM HD-CVI Vari-Focal Lens 2.8-12mm Eyeball Camera White $149.00
$126.00 (Save 15%)
IMAX-12X-PTZ-1080HDCVI 1080P, 12x Optical Zoom, Built-in 2/1 alarm in/out,Up to 255 presets, 5 auto scan, 8 tour, 5 pattern $1,299.00
$897.00 (Save 31%)