95211-45-09 Coleman Cable 500' Pull Box 22/2 Stranded and Shielded with Drain Wire


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This is a 500' Spool of 2 Conductor Shielded, 22 Gauge with a 24 gauge drain wire for audio.

  • ASTM Tinned Copper
  • Polypropylene insulation
  • Short overall twist lengths
  • Overall shield 100% coverage of aluminum polyester foil with TC drain wire
  • Overall 75° C PVC jacket
  • Standard spool size 1000 feet
  • UL listed NEC type CM
  • C(UL)+ listed NEC Type CMH
  • Constructed in accordance with UL Standard 444
  • Complies with UL 1581 Vertical Tray Flame Test
  • Temperature range: 20° C to 75° C dry locations
  • Meets 300 volt requirement as specified in section 800 51 of the NEC



    Indoor (non-conduit per NEC) for:
  • Intercom
  • Broadcast
  • Recording
  • Sound and Audio
  • Power Limited Control Circuits

Color Code: Conductors: Black, Red and Silver

Special Notes: +C(UL) CMH Canadian UL accepted mark replaces PCC FT1

CAUTION: Dry locations only. The electronic characteristics of this cable may change due to excessive tension, crushing, and application of pulling compounds during installation.

Worldeyecam [Click here for detailed Specification PDF]

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