55-POSTS-008 Geovision POS Text Sender Dongle 8 ports (Window Based POS only)


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POS Text Sender Dongle 8 ports (Window Based POS only)

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GV-POS Solution Case Study

Case Study

The GeoVision POS-DVR solution provides a number of video monitoring solutions with visual contextual awareness that can help business owners protect their business as well as reduce shrinkage. In addition to cash registers and POS systems, GV POS-DVR system offers the flexibility to integrate with many machines or equipments that provide context information.


GeoVision’s POS-DVR system can help bar owners look after their operations and provide a solution to prevent beverage sales lost due to sweet heart deals. The GV-digital surveillance system integrates with the bar liquor dispenser and cash register to enable owners to review suspicious transaction events and view the corresponding videos with bartender’s ID, alcoholic beverage items, and transaction amounts. The result can be greater control over monthly alcoholic beverages consumption.


GV POS-DVR solution can integrate with machines that provide context. For example, schools may use the system to integrate with barcode scanner at their laundry service to monitor the laundry drop-off when students and staff drop their laundry off. This could prevent any items from getting misplaced or lost.


GV POS-DVR solution can help Vehicle Supervision Offices successfully monitor the vehicle inspection process at their authorized inspection agencies. By overlapping live video images and recording archives with the plate numbers, test parameters and inspection results, GeoVision's POS-DVR system helps prevent frauds during the inspection process.


GV-POS integration can effectively help parking management reduce fraud and increase the toll income by monitoring the cash register area at a parking lot toll booth. The toll collection data will be associated with videos and recorded for retroactive search by license plate number or entry/exit time. The cash shrinkage can be reduced and the result is satisfactory.


A nationwide convenience store introduced GeoVision POS-DVR surveillance system at a franchise, which helped identify and correct employee POS manipulation and training insufficiency. The result was a 98% improvement on internal shrinkage within one month after the initial use. Within two months after the initial use of GeoVision POS-DVR surveillance solution, the convenience store identified 5 refund frauds and cash handling wrongdoings, and several shoplifting cases.