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4-in-1 1080P Fixed 3.6mm Hidden PIR Camera


Availability: In Stock
List Price: $99.99
Product #: 86566
Camera Resolution: 1080p
Camera Signal: 4 in 1
Description: 960H, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, Analog
Lens Size: 3.6mm
Optical Zoom: Fixed Lens

Remote Login Support:

This 4 in 1 1080p camera support four different output formats: Analog, CVI, TVI and AHD. It is rated for indoor use only and has a 3.6mm fixed lens.


  • 1080P 4 in 1 camera
  • HDI8906+522 HD (Japanese Solution)
  • 2 Megapixel, 1080P@25/30fps,
  • Switching TVI/CVI/AHD/Analog through Joystick
  • Fixed 3.6MM Lens
  • Mobile APPs

    QR Code Scan P2P iPhone Android iOS instructions

    How to enable remote viewing without Port-Forwarding

    We offer our own WorldEyeCam mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Our mobile apps allow you to remotely view your DVR and cameras from anywhere on the world. In this guide we will show you how to setup P2P or QR Code Scanning setup. No Port-Forwarding Needed.

    Easy remote Viewing
    P2P/QR Code Easy Setup

    To access the P2P or QR code screen, you must first power on your recorder. Right click and select Main Menu->Setup->Network->P2P and the P2P/QR code will display.

    You must check the box to enable P2P function and then click Apply to save at bottom of screen.


    Make sure that your NVR/DVR is connected to your modem/router with a CAT5/Ethernet cable. Once P2P has been enabled please go to TCP/IP section inside of the network screen. Enable “DHCP” inside of the Network settings and save. Once DHCP has been enabled you will need to reboot the system.


    Upon rebooting navigate back to the P2P setting to the system and scan the code with your mobile iMaxCam app and from this point you should be able to see the cameras.



    How to setup the iPhone app with the P2P/QR Code

    Step 1: Open the iMaxCam app and tap on Camera.

    Step 2: Tap the menu icon on the top left corner to access the menu as shown in the picture.

    Step 3: Tap the DEVICE MANAGER option to enter your DVR/NVR login information

    Step 4: Once in device manager tap the plus sign button (+), in the top right corner to advance to the next screen.

    Step 5: In the add device screen, select P2P

    Step 6: In this Screen you need to tap the QR code icon on the right where the S/N field is.

    Once you tap on QR Code icon the camera of your phone will start, go ahead and scan the code.

    Name: DVR

    S/N: Tap on the icon to scan the QR Code

    User Name: admin (default)

    Password: admin (default)

    Step 7: Press the “Start Live Preview” button to start watching the cameras.

    Viewing the live camera feed from your Integrator Series Network Video Recorder, or NVR, through a mobile device is simple, and can be done in less than five minutes. If you have used our G4MX App you will find it’s very similar, but if you haven’t, that’s okay too. As in the tutorial for iMaxCam, In this short tutorial we’ll be showing you how to setup your live security camera feed on your mobile device via the peer-to-peer, or P2P method, using a QR Code Scanning setup. Think of it as allowing your camera server and your mobile device to meet up and communicate together in the cloud, just by using a bar code your device can read. No Port-Forwarding or IT specialists needed. On your NVR, rick click to login to the main menu. Then select “System”, then “Network”, then click the box marked “Enable DHCP”. This should allow all the forms to be automatic when you connect your device. If you would rather set your IP address manually, you can do that as well. Just leave the “Enable DHCP” box unchecked and you will be given an opportunity to set your IP address yourself. In the setting page you’ll see the QR code. Leave that up on your screen, because you will need to scan it with your mobile momentarily. On your mobile device, download the “EZView” App from your preferred app store. Once downloaded, go ahead and open “EZView”. Select the main menu icon in the top left hand corner. Then select “Devices”. This is where you can add new devices and manage existing ones. Now that you have your device page open, you will need to add a new device. To do this, select the “+“ in the top right corner. Select “Add By P2P” to change the registration mode. Be sure to name your device (any name that works for you), then tap on the QR code icon to scan the QR code displayed on your monitor. Once you’ve done this, all of the information for your NVR should appear on your mobile, with exception of your user name and password. Go ahead and enter your login details there if prompted. After Inputting the information above select “Start Live View” at the bottom of the page to complete the setup and begin viewing your camera’s live feed! If you have any other issues or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or live chat. We’re here to help you. Because at World Eye Cam, we’re not just about security cameras. We want you to feel secure.


    iMaxCamPro Support
    iMaxCamPro Support | Remote Access Guides | Support Home

    iMaxCamPro Quick Links 

    iMaxCamPro Remote Access Guides 

    Note! To Download Software Enter The Following Information:
    Username: wec
    Password: WEC1234$

    Software Downloads 


     Network Setup Overview  Network Integration (locally)  Web Service Walkthrough (remote access through ie or Mozilla)  How to view cameras (remotely)  Setting up DVR with No-IP DDNS (locally)  Setting Up DDNS [DynDNS.com] (locally)
     Testing DynDNS DDNS  How to Access your iMaxCamPro DVR's through Internet Explorer 8 (remotely)  Using Mozilla Firefox with iMaxCamPro DVR's  How to View cameras via iPhone & iPad  How to View cameras via cell phone Blackberry  How to View cameras via cell phone Android  How to View cameras via cell phone Windows Mobile  How to View cameras via cell phone Symbian  How to Setup Your Surveillance Kit  iMaxCamPro Drive Compatibility List  Video Codec Pack 7.1.0 (Win)  How to Playback Recorded Video (locally)  How to Playback Recorded Video (remotely)  How to do a Digital Zoom on Playbacks (locally)  How to Setup Recording (locally)  How to Default Configurations (locally)  How to Default Configurations (remotely)  How to Set DVR to Never Log Out from Your Current User (locally)  How to setup Motion Detection (locally)  How to setup email notification (remotely)  How to reset your remote control  How to backup video files (locally)  How to setup a PTZ (remotely)  How to Format Hard Drive (locally)  How to Setup Redundancy (locally)  How to Add/Modify User Accounts (locally)  How to Add/Modify User Accounts (remotely)  How to enable audio (locally)  How to Change Channel Names (locally)  How to Setup Alarm Based Recording (locally)  How to access the Log File (locally)  How to access the Log File (remotely)

    SmartPSS Client 

    We are Authorized Manufacturer Distributors for many main stream CCTV manufactures. Our support technicians are factory trained with strong emphasis on advanced networking and configurations of NVRs and DVRs from across multiple networks. We offer hourly support plans to help your facilities maintain system stability and optimal configuration settings.


    In addition to our on-call technical support, we offer a selection of System Implementation Plans to every client.


    Free Technical Support

    Complimentary technical support includes:

    • Basic System Implementation (one-time event, 30 minutes max)
    • Break/Fix support under manufacturer warranty
    • Basic camera, network, and NVR/DVR troubleshooting

    Out of scope, additional setup, and advanced support is available at $80/ hour.

     Call us at: 888-211-2288

    Email: support@worldeyecam.com

    Business hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm PST

      Premium Technical Support Offerings

    • End User Training
    • Available at $80 / hour
    • Must be scheduled in advance
    • View our Training Options

    Advanced Training

    Support for advanced configuration, out of scope troubleshooting, and other technical issues is available. In some cases “smart hands” may need to be present on-site before Advanced Support can begin. For many support tasks we require access to your high speed internet router/modem.

    We require appointment scheduling with a minimum of 24-hour notice for Advanced Support.

    Advanced Support can be purchased at $80/ hour.

     Technical Support Scope

    Basic System Setup - 30 minutes max.
    Break/Fix Issues - Including RMA's and DOA
    Basic camera, network,
    and NVR/DVR troubleshooting
    Advanced Support    
    Configuration for Remote Access
    Mobile App Configuration
    Camera / NVR Time Settings
    Motion Detection
    Setup Recording Schedules
    Email/SMS Alert Configuration
    Configure VMS/NVR Camera Matrix View
    NVR/VMS Muliple User Setup
    Archive to NAS
    Camera Image Settings Configuration
    License Plate Capture - Day/Night
    Setup Router/ Modems /4G Hotspots
    Third Party Mobile App Configuration
    IP Reconfiguration
    Cameras without Networks
    Advanced Networking
    MAC Client Setup
    Other Advanced Configurations

    System Implementation Plans

    Bronze Silver Gold
    Pricing: $30
    Basic Setup
    to 30 Min Max
    Add Cameras
    to NVR Server
    / DVR
    Enable Continuous
    Camera / NVR
    / DVR Time Settings
    IP Assignment **
    Device Firmware Update **
    Configuration for
    Remote Access
    (Port Forwarding & DDNS) ***
    Mobile App
    Configuration for
    Single User
    Verification that
    Cameras are Recording to
    NVR / DVR
    Wireless Network
    Motion Detection
    Email / SMS Alert
    Configure VMS /
    NVR Camera Matrix View
    NVR / VMS Muliple
    User Setup
    Archive to NAS    
    Evaluate Camera
    Field of View (FOV)
    Camera Image
    Settings Configuration
    (Focus, Exposure, D / N Settings, etc)
    System Training
    Max 1hr.
    License Plate Capture
    Day / Night
    Setup Router / Modems / 4G Hotspots    
    Third Party
    Mobile App
    IP Reconfiguration    
    Cameras without
    (No internet access available)
    Advanced Networking    
    MAC Client Setup    
    Other Advanced Camera
    or NVR /
    VMS Configuration
    Multi User and
    Advanced User Training

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