32A30-2 OmniTouch Video Encoder Hub and Power Supply for Structured Wiring
The HAI Touchscreen Hub is used to provide power, communications, and a video signal to HAI OmniTouch with Video touchscreens. The Touchscreen Hub is required for connecting OmniTouch with Video touchscreens. The HAI Touchscreen Hub provides battery backed power for HAI OmniTouch touchscreens, cameras (optional), and the HAI Video Encoder. It has convenient connections and power terminals for a neat installation. It also has six individual camera inputs, which can be selected by the HAI OmniTouch Touchscreen with Video for viewing. Six individual camera outputs allow the cameras to be connected to a second HAI Touchscreen Hub with Video Encoder, HAI Web-Link II for viewing on a monitor or handheld device, HAI Home Control for Windows Media Center for viewing and recording, and/or directly to television sets, video recorders, etc. The HAI Touchscreen Hub was designed to eliminate unsightly transformers, power strips, external power supplies, battery backup units, and complex wiring normally associated with camera and touchscreen installations. In addition to simplifying the installation, the HAI Touchscreen Hub automatically sequences the startup of touchscreens and has a low voltage cut out feature for long term reliability and zero maintenance.Features of this products are Connections for 8 touchscreens Cat 5 (RJ-45) for HAI OmniTouch with Video (32A00-5) and 4-position terminals for HAI OmniTouch (32A00-1). Inputs from 6 NTSC Composite color or b/w cameras. Power supply with battery back up for touchscreens and cameras. Connections for all Omni and Lumina controllers.Supports Video Encoder (mounts on Touchscreen Hub circuit board), required for video.


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