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2 RU DS Network Video Recorder 18 TB, US Power Cord


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The Digital Sentry NVR comes preloaded with DS NVs Network Video Management Software and includes 8 IP licenses for Pelco or third-party cameras and network encoders. With support for a total of 128 IP and analog cameras, DSSRV delivers 280 Mbps bandwi dth for recording, streaming, and video export. Analog cameras, converted to IP streams across the network using Pelco or third-party cameras, require a DS-SW-CAM IP license for each stream. For DVR or HVR implementation optional ENC5416 analog-to-digi tal encoders support up to 64 analog cameras at D1, full-frame rate recording. The encoders, which do not require any IP licenses, are directly attached to the DSSRV via a supplied cable (please see the specification sheet for further details). Front-a ccessible drives provide as much as 18 TB of internal storage with a RAID5 option for hot swappable drives. Optional external storage to 24 TB can be used in JBOD or RAID5 configuration. An engineered cooling system sustains increased performance while front panel LEDS and the Digital Sentry System Information (DSSI) utility give a constant view to system health and activity.

This part is discontinued by supplier with no suggested replacement.


Optimal performance for multi-site and low bandwidth applications
Broad support for third-party camera integration
Ideal for unattended recording and event investigation


  • Supports up to 128 cameras, up to 64 analog cameras
  • 280 Mbps bandwidth for video recording, streaming, and video export
  • Up to 18 TB internal storage, optionally configured for RAID5
  • Optional external JBOD or RAID5 storage to 24 TB
  • Pelco Mobile support for DS connected IP and analog cameras for iOS and Android devices
  • Provides client-side dewarping for Evolution 360-Degree Cameras


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