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  • Product #: 65013
  • Reflections EVR is an advanced video solution for Keri's Doors.NET access control software that provides customers with a number of advantages over traditional DVR/NVR video products by enhancing the functionality of those systems. It is a separate Video Client that gathers pre-defined video events from a source (DVR, NVR or IP camera) and associates them with their corresponding events within the Doors.NET access control application for later recall directly from the Doors.NET Client, and can provide video command and control functions from within the Reflections Client.
  • Sale price: $902.04

  • AD2089-1 American Dynamics Full-Function CCTV System Keyboard
  • AD2089-1 American Dynamics Full-Function CCTV System Keyboard

  • Product #: 65002
  • The American Dynamics AD2089-1 is a tough, full-function CCTV system keyboard, compatible with MegaPower Matrix Switcher/Controller Systems and Intellex Digital Video Management Systems. Relatively challenging installations are simplified with the keyboard's user-defined macro keys. The user can customize the keyboard to perform certain system tasks through pre-defined keystrokes.
  • Sale price: $2,911.07

  • C-96032EX-R 32CH/960FPS, 1TB, DVD-RW
  • C-96032EX-R 32CH/960FPS, 1TB, DVD-RW

  • Product #: 65021
  • Features :
    • Hi Resolution Recording Various recording modes - 352X240, 704X480.
    • Intelligent Search and Text Search - Smart object search, panorama search, thumbnail display, text search and bookmark function.
    • Audio Recording Capability -Recording of audio on 2 channels. (Expandable to 16 optional upgrade)
    • Voice Notification by Phone - Play pre-recorded wave files (modem required).
    • Alarm and Card Access Integration - Programmable inputs and outputs to integrate with alarm and card access panels
    • Enterprise Level Protection - Fully scalable camera configurations for all applications
    • Web Server - Built-in web server with search, sound, PTZ and control function. Auto reconnect function
    • Multi Site, Multi Client and Multi User - 100 + sites, multi user capability with full DVR control and search.
    • Network and Local Backup - Powerful backup function, local /LAN.
    • E-Mapping - Mapping software to pinpoint site locations and camera locations. (Additional software required)
    • POS - Universal protocol for any POS and ATM machines
    • Remote Viewing and Notification - Remote connection from any location, instant visual verification of alarms for quick response notification by alarms, disk info and email with image.
    • Redundant Array of Independent Disks - RAID 1 & RAID 5 Optional
  • Sale price: $7,183.70

  • Speco DVR16TS2.2TB 16 Channel Triplex DVR w/ IP DDNS, 2.2TB w/CD-RW
  • Speco DVR16TS2.2TB 16 Channel Triplex DVR w/ IP DDNS, 2.2TB w/CD-RW

  • Product #: 65018
  • EZ Record: set the number of days you want to record and the DVR takes care of the rest EZ Copy: auto copy what you are playing onto a CD/RW or USB flash drive EZ Set-Up: for quick Installation
  • Sale price: $11,834.38

  • JVC VR-N900U 250GB Network Video Recorder with 4 Analog Inputs and Support for 5 IP Devices
  • JVC VR-N900U 250GB Network Video Recorder with 4 Analog Inputs and Support for 5 IP Devices

  • Product #: 65009
  • The JVC VR-N900U offers a comprehensive recording solution for commercial security applications containing a mix of analog and digital cameras. The NVR accepts 4 directly connected analog cameras and supports an additional 5 IP devices such as cameras, encoders and decoders through the network. Both analog and digital cameras can be accessed for viewing live and recorded images as well as PTZ control, both locally and from a remote Internet location.
  • Sale price: $12,009.99

  • Pelco FR8316MSTR 16-Channel Multimode Fiber Receiver (ST Connector)
  • Pelco FR8316MSTR 16-Channel Multimode Fiber Receiver (ST Connector)

  • Product #: 65017
  • Fiber optics can be seen as the gold standard in cable transmission. Compared to metal-based cables (e.g. RCA, BNC, UTP), fiber optic wiring links are far less susceptible to signal attenuation and are also immune to electromagnetic interference. The result is that fiber can be strung over much greater distances before needing amplification. Just as important is the higher bandwidths supported by fiber optic - up to 111Gbps per light channel, though 10 or 40Gbps is most often utilized. Finally, it is virtually impossible to illicitly tap into a fiber cable the way that can be done with copper-based cables. The Pelco FR8316MSTR highlights all of these attributes in an industrial grade yet uncomplicated device. As such, it is the tool of choice for demanding security applications needing the ability to send large amounts of data, over long distances, and in a secure manner.
  • Sale price: $14,628.99

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