Monitors, Cabels(VGA) & Accessories

  • 253-550IV 50'VGA-3RCA Component Cable HD
  • 253-550IV 50'VGA-3RCA Component Cable HD

  • Product #: 63006
  • Features  :
    • Unparalleled Quality and Performance for High-Definition Video and Audio Equipment
    • Fully supports RGB high resolution standards
    • Precision 75Ohm Impedance for Max. Signal Transfer
    • Bundled Cable Configuration
    • 3 Mini-Coax Copper-Braid Shielded Conductors, 95% Coverage
    • 95% Spiral-Wound-Shield H/V Sync Conductors
    • 99.99% Pure Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
    • Low-Attenuation Foamed Cellular Dielectric
    • EMI-RFI Protected Double High-Density Aluminum Shield, 100% Coverage
    • Ultra-Flex Satin-Ivory Rubber PVC Jacket, 13mm OD
    • 24K Gold-Plated Heavy Duty Connectors
    • Color-Coded
    • Fully Molded Construction
    • 50 ft
  • Sale price: $94.71

  • TILT-PA Tilt Mount Adapter
  • TILT-PA Tilt Mount Adapter

  • Product #: 62984
  • Omnimount's TILT-PA is a tilt mount adapter, ideal for use in cathedral ceiling installations.
  • Sale price: $95.64

  • P500-075 75-ft. SVGA/VGA Monitor Extension Gold Cable with RGB coax, (HD15 M/F)
  • P500-075 75-ft. SVGA/VGA Monitor Extension Gold Cable with RGB coax, (HD15 M/F)

  • Product #: 63057
  • Tripp Lite's 75 foot XVGA/SVGA/VGA monitor extension cable is the gold standard in video cables. The mini-coax (RGB) and paired video wire construction delivers superior signal quality. Gold plated connectors and gold plated copper contacts ensure excellent conductivity. Double shielding (foil and braid) provides maximum EMI/RFI protection. Both the high density DB15 male and high density DB15 female connectors are molded and have integral strain relief to ensure they last a long time.
  • Sale price: $103.69

  • C-HM/DM-25 HDMI (M) to DVI (M) Cable 25'
  • C-HM/DM-25 HDMI (M) to DVI (M) Cable 25'

  • Product #: 62969
  • Kramer's HDMI/DVI series are high−performance cables with HDMI connectors at one end and a DVI connector at the other. They are designed to connect between digital video sources and displays and recorders that don’t have both DVI and HDMI connectors.
  • Sale price: $103.76


  • Product #: 62941
  • Adapts a 1.5" threaded extension column to a square, round, rectangular or I-beam truss up to 3" (76 mm) diameter.
  • Sale price: $104.93

  • AEC18024 18"-24" EXTENSION COLUMN
  • AEC18024 18"-24" EXTENSION COLUMN

  • Product #: 62991
  • Made of solid steel and able to support up to 900 lbs, the Peerless AEC18024 18-24" Adjustable Extension Column allows 18-24" (0.45-0.6 m) of height adjustment in 1" (25 mm) increments, adding flexibility and functionality to your projector or flat panel mount.
  • Sale price: $105.09

  • TU2-HDMI USB to HDMI TV Adapter
  • TU2-HDMI USB to HDMI TV Adapter

  • Product #: 63029
  • The USB to HDMI Monitor Extender, model TU2-HDMI, uses a USB port on your Windows-based computer to quickly add an HDMI monitor or television to your workstation.

    Add an HDMI monitor or television to your computer by simply plugging in the TU2-HDMI—drivers will automatically install.

    Features audio support for multiple audio protocols. Clone mode repeats a display area to the new HDMI based device. Extend mode stretches a display area over multiple monitors. Use up to six TU2-HDMIs to add six monitors or televisions to your workstation. Experience the visual impact of 32-bit True Color Depth technology and a sparkling 1920 x 1080 high definition image. Standard and wide screen viewing modes are supported.
  • Sale price: $108.72

  • MHW-AWSP-PCI HP Serial Port Adapter z-Series
  • MHW-AWSP-PCI HP Serial Port Adapter z-Series

  • Product #: 62934
  • The MHW-AWSP-PCI from Bosch is a serial port adapter for HP Z-Series.
  • Sale price: $110.30

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