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Lenses, Manual


  • Tokina TVR0616 1/3" CCTV Varifocal Lens (6-60mm, Manual Iris, CS Mount)

    Product #: 62439
    Tokina brings it long history in professional optics to CCTV with its full line of lenses. With the Tokina TVR0616 you will enjoy a professional surveillance lens with the precision, quality and craftsmanship you would expect from Tokina. The 6-60mm varifocal lens makes this a good general purpose surveillance lens.
    $114.80 $196.80
  • 1920BC-5 G/W Miniature Pinhole Lens FL 1.9

    Product #: 62440
    The Watec 1920BC-5 is not just another lens that one slaps on a camera.
    It is specifically developed to meet the high standards of a Watec
    series board camera. In this vein, it incorporates advanced optical
    elements to ensure superb light conductivity and excellent image
    definition. It is also designed to be very small, adding only minimally
    to the camera's overall length.
    $160.74 $275.55
  • Pentax C30811TH 2/3" 8.5mm C-Mount Fixed Focal Lens, Manual Focus, Manual Iris

    Product #: 62430
    The Pentax C30811TH C-mount lens features manual focus and iris with a
    screw-type lock preventing ring shift once lens is mounted. Offering a
    close minimum object distance of only 0.2m along with a superior optics
    system, this lens is appropriate for use for general CCTV as well as
    factory automation applications.
    $180.02 $308.61
  • C22525KP 5mm f/1.4 with Lock-Screws

    Product #: 62429
    The Pentax C22525KP 1" C Mount 25mm f/1.4 Manual Iris Lens is a 25mm lens for use with 1" CCTV cameras in security and machine vision applications. Advanced optical elements are incorporated to ensure all-around image sharpness and efficient light conductivity. Its iris can be manually adjusted according to available light levels. A durable construction ensures long-term dependable performance in a variety of industrial operating environments.
    $256.55 $439.80
  • 12VA1040ASIR 1/2" Aspherical IR Vari-Focal Lens Manual

    Product #: 62437
    Using an aspherical type lens with infrared correction function, the Tamron 12VA1040ASIR is designed for use with day/night cameras, providing top-quality images under virtually any lighting conditions. Equipped with an auto iris video connection, this telephoto lens is iris controllable when used with similarly equipped cameras.
    $334.55 $573.51
  • Pentax C60636KP 6mm, f/1.4 Manual Iris Lens

    Product #: 62433
    The Pentax C60636KP 6mm, f/1.4 Manual Iris Lens is a megapixel lens designed for megapixel sensors, and provides images with reduced distortion. Featuring a 6mm fixed focal length with a maximum aperture of f/1.4, the lens offers wide-angle view when attached to a camera with 1/2" type sensor. Manual control over iris and focusing adjustments is complemented with 3 locking screws on the adjusting rings.
    $347.99 $596.55
  • Pentax C31632 16mm, f/1.4 Auto Iris C-mount Lens with Auto Iris, for 2/3-Inch

    Product #: 62432
    The Pentax C31632 is a video auto-iris C-mount lens for 2/3-inch CCD cameras. The lens has a fast f/1.4 aperture for very detailed images even in low light. Its 16 mm focal length results in 30° horizontal angle of view.
    $485.64 $832.53
  • LEN-M1.67MMCS 1.67 mm Ultra Wide

    Product #: 62435
    Stardot Technologies LEN-M1.67MMCS Stardot 120 Degree Distortion Free Lens CS Manual 1/2 Inch - Wide angle security surveillance application. This lens offers a wide angle of view with no spherical distortion. Great for high vantage point installation where full coverage of a room or designated area is needed, and cross ways. This lens also works with Day/Night NetCam SC Block cameras. Sample applications include: Retail Space, Building Entrances, Corner of Buildings, Parking Lots.
    $570.76 $978.45
  • LEN-M848MN 8 - 48mm Manual Zoom

    Product #: 62436
    Stardot Technologies LEN-M848MN Stardot Manual Zoom Lens, 8-48mm 1/2 inch (NetCam MP, NetCam XL MP & NetCam XL 3MP and all SC Block Cameras)

    This is a great lens for applications requiring standard to zoomed in surveillance from 8 to 48 mm. This lens is very easy to focus and is compatible with all StarDot SC block cameras.

    Sample applications include: Retail Space, Building Entrances, Parking Lots/Garages, Guard House, Close up Facial shots, License Plate Capture.
    $869.26 $1,490.16