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Camera, IP


  • CVCJBB Junction Box for Bullet Style Camera

    Product #: 57787
    The CVCJBB from Speco is a Junction Box for Bullet Style Camera.
    $87.90 $150.69
  • EVT-PB1-V1TGQ Passive video balun with ground loop isolator

    Product #: 57763
    The new EVT-PB1-V1TGQ video balun with ground-loop isolator provides an inexpensive, flexible solution for dealing with ground loops on CCTV signal lines.

    The EVT-PB1-V1TGQ is a Passive Video Balun with Ground Loop Isolator. A Passive Video Balun allows a CCTV camera's video signal to be transmitted over low-cost CAT5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable instead of costly coax cable. Suitable for full-motion color and monochrome cameras, they provide a quick, low-cost way to connect CCTV cameras to a monitor, multiplexer, or video recorder at up to 980 feet away.

    Video ground loop isolators are passive devices that help to reduce ground loop interference caused by multiple building grounds and differences in ground potential. Ground loop isolators can be installed in new installations or added to existing installations. Video ground loop isolators should be installed on the camera side of your cable.
    $90.27 $154.74
  • CAMIP1 IP Camera, Network Devices and PoE Device Surge Protector

    Product #: 57554
    The CAMIP1 is a single channel, in-line, network video, multi-stage
    surge protector for IP camera or PoE network devices. The CAMIP1 is
    designed to provide surge protection for one network port. The unit has
    RJ45 jack connectors at the input and output for connection to the
    network cable and is ideally suited for small or restricted spaces where
    the network needs to be protected. The CAMIP1 provides a heavy, single
    point ground connection and is easy to install in minutes.
    $184.17 $315.72
  • IP-POEH101 POE Injector f/ Single IP Camera Use w/IP-POECAM or POE equipped camera

    Product #: 57793
    The IP-POEH101 IP is a high powered PoE injector which is manufactured
    by Speco to provide reliable power to network devices, IP phones, and
    network cameras. The IP-POEH101 injector is IEEE 802.3af compliant, and
    comes equipped with an inrush current limit, an automatic fault restart
    management option, an over-current/over-temperature protection, as well
    as detection collision avoidance, and a pair powered surge protector.
    The IP-POEH101 PoE injector also features device
    detection/classification, a working/fault status indication, and is
    capable of powering IP Speco technology cameras up to a 330ft distance.
    This PoE injector is easy to install, use, and doesn’t downgrade the
    cameras features in any way for high quality operation.
    $184.96 $317.07
  • CAMTRV24 Passive Video Balun and Multi Function Surge Protector

    Product #: 57555
    The CAMTRV24 is a single channel video balun transceiver used for UTP
    video transmission combined with a multi-function surge protector for
    in-line video, 2 wire P/T/Z control and the camera supply voltage. The
    CAMTRV24 provides multi-stage surge protection to a single camera system
    and P/T/Z unit for each of these functions. The video balun transceiver
    is a video transmission device that provides a low cost means of
    sending live video over unshielded twisted pair, point-to-point wiring
    for distances of up to 750 feet (225 meters). A basic system uses (2)
    CAMTRV24 units, one at each end of a twisted pair of wires. These units
    are intended for use over existing in-house telephone wiring, or
    category cabling or other twisted pair cable runs to provide a
    convenient, cost-effective alternative to coax. The CAMTRV24's are
    designed to provide superior immunity from noise and interference even
    when running next to line power! The unit can be used at the camera or
    head-end. The CAMTRV24 is ideally suited for outdoor cameras, where
    extreme protection on all signal connections is required. The unit is
    equipped with a BNC connector and screw terminals for the video
    connections and screw terminal inputs and outputs for connection to the
    P/T/Z data and 12/24 VAC/DC voltage connections. The CAMTRV24 provides a
    heavy, single point ground connection and is easily installed in
    $277.97 $476.52
  • F210A Compact IP Camera

    Product #: 57932
    The ZAVIO F210A is an ultra-compact IP camera equipped with a high
    sensitivity progressive scan CMOS sensor, achieving image quality and
    low-light performance previously only seen in CCD cameras. Although one
    of the world’s smallest, it still possesses all the powerful features
    and great qualities you can expect from all ZAVIO cameras.
    $396.22 $679.23
  • CVC6146SCSW Speco Control Series Indoor Color Dome Camera 2.8mm AI VF Lens, OSD Menu Control, White

    Product #: 57785
    The CVC6146SCSW is an indoor dome color camera from Speco which offers
    clear images within any application it is used for. The CVC6146SCSW dome
    camera comes equipped with a user friendly OSD menu, 550TV lines of
    resolution, camera titles, day and night functionality, as well as
    multiple shutter types, and 550TV lines of resolution. The CVC6146SCSW
    dome camera also consists of AWB, AGC, BLC, mirror image, privacy
    screens, a 0.5lux illumination, plus 768 x 494 effective pixels, and a
    50dB S/N ratio. This high powered dome indoor camera is easy to setup,
    and comes completed with a 1/3” Sony Super HAD CCD sensor, and internal
    $420.56 $720.96
  • SWIR590C Varifocal IR up to 165ft range w/25ft facial 520 line, 36LED w/mt

    Product #: 57839
    • Up to 165 ft range with 25 ft facial recognition range
    • Varifocal 4 - 9mm lens
    • 520 horizontal resolution
    • DC 12V
    • 36 LED
    $458.85 $786.60
  • F312A Wireless Compact IP Camera

    Product #: 57934
    ZAVIO F312A is an advanced version of the renowned F210A, adding
    802.11b/g wireless connectivity and night-vision capability even in
    complete darkness through 6 high power LEDs to everything the F210A has
    to offer.
    $466.55 $799.80