Audio/Video Connectivity

  • Pelco AUD-1 USB Audio Accessory for IP Cameras
  • Pelco AUD-1 USB Audio Accessory for IP Cameras

  • Product #: 54721
  • The AUD-1 audio accessory is an external adapter that connects directly to the accessory port of compatible Pelco devices, enabling the connection of most microphones and speakers using UTP wiring connected to the audio adapter through a terminal block. The AUD-1 has the ability to encode analog audio into a digital G.711 format, which can be streamed with the video to be played back and/or recorded at the headend. The AUD-1 can also receive the G.711 digital audio from the headend and convert it to an analog signal to be played through a speaker.
  • Sale price: $114.89

  • WA360 In-Line Audio Mute Switch
  • WA360 In-Line Audio Mute Switch

  • Product #: 54726
  • In-line audio mute switch for Shure wireless bodypack transmitters with a TA4F connector.

    The Shure WA360 switch is an in-line device used to remotely mute Shure lavalier microphones. This handy device may also be used as an audio on/off button, a push-to-talk switch, or a "cough" button. The WA360 is compatible with any Shure microphone featuring a Switchcraft TA4F connector. These include Models 839W, WL83, WL83A, WL84, WL84A, WL93, WL183, WL184, WL185, WH10TQG, WH20TQG, WCM16,SM83A, SM84A, MX183, MX184, and MX185.

  • Sale price: $146.14

  • PCA85DB8 Patch Cable, DB 25 Male to 8 BNC Female
  • PCA85DB8 Patch Cable, DB 25 Male to 8 BNC Female

  • Product #: 54719
  • This Panasonic DB 25 Male x1 to BNC Female x8 Patch Cable will deliver unsurpassed performance, durability and flexibility. The cable is constructed from the world's finest materials to create this state-of-the-art patch cable.
  • Sale price: $219.77

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