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  • Pentax C70230DCPS 1/3" 4x Varifocal Day/Night Auto-Iris Lens (2.7 to 13mm)

    Product #: 85735
    • 1/3" Format Sensor
    • For Day/Night Cameras
    • Aperture f1.3
    • DC Auto Iris
    • CS-Mount
    $70.50 $122.50
  • C70227DCPS Versitile vari-focal,1/3, 2.8-12MM,Manual or DC Iris

    Product #: 42784
    • 1/3” Format
    • 2.8-12mm
    • F1.2-360
    • Day/Night Varifocal Lens
    • Autoiris
    • CS mount
    $73.50 $122.50
  • C70224DCPS 2.9-8.5mm f1.2 Varifocal Lens with Auto Iris

    Product #: 62554
    The Pentax C70224DCPS features Minimized focus shift to an unrecognizable level, Clear and sharp image with high contrast, Ultra-fast aperture that transmits twice as much light when compared with a F1.4 lens, Outstanding optical quality and performance in a wide range from visible light to near IR wavelengths and Best-selling Day & Night Lens for surveillance applications.

    The C70224DCPS can be used in Surveillance of stores, ATM, office buildings, elevators, etc.
    $100.14 $171.66

    Product #: 62883
    The Pentax C70316 is a compact and affordable 3-8mm varifocal lens for use with security or machine vision CCTV cameras equipped with a 1/3" or 1/4" image sensor and a CS lens mount. It features manual focal and iris adjustments, and incorporates a special lens design so that it can be used with Day/Night cameras.
    $105.96 $181.65

    Product #: 62649
    Features :
    • 1/3-inch format
    • 6-12mm focal length
    • Iris Range: F1.6~Close
    • CS-mount
    $112.79 $193.35
  • C70315DCPS 3-8mm F1.0 Day/Night W/Connector

    Product #: 62352
    The Pentax C70315 CS-mount lens utilizes a Day/Night optical system for maximum light transmission and is appropriate for use with both Day/Night as well as conventional CCTV cameras. Equipped with a DC iris connection, this lens is compatible with auto iris DC enabled cameras, with the lens auto adjusting to meet various light levels.
    $116.90 $200.40
  • C70406DCPS 4mm F1.2-200 CS W/Connector

    Product #: 62353
    The Pentax C70406DCPS is an auto-iris CS-mount industrial lens. This lens uses DC-type Auto Iris control on 1/3-inch CCD cameras. The lens has a fast f/1.2 aperture for excellent low-light images. Its 4 mm focal length on a 1/3-inch CCD camera results in a 64&#; horizontal angle of view.
    $117.22 $200.94
  • Pentax C70223DCPS 2.8mm to 12mm f/1.4 Varifocal CS-Mount Lens with DC Auto Iris Function for 1/3-Inch CCD

    Product #: 62745
    The Pentax Cosmicar C70223DCPS is a 2.8 to 12mm variable focal length
    CS-mount lens with DC auto iris. The lens is primarily used for
    industrial applications like machine vision and robotics monitoring. Its
    f/1.4 aperture gives the lens very good low light sensitivity.
    $129.50 $222.00
  • C70804DCPS 8mm F1.2-200 CS W/Connector

    Product #: 62355
    The Pentax C70804DCPS is an auto-iris CS-mount industrial lens. This lens uses a DC-type Auto Iris function with 1/3-inch CCD cameras. The lens has a fast f/1.2 aperture for excellent low-light images. Its 8 mm focal length results in a 33&#; horizontal angle of view.
    $148.21 $254.07