• Pelco NET5402R-HD-US 2 Monitor Net Decoder, US PWR CRD
  • Pelco NET5402R-HD-US 2 Monitor Net Decoder, US PWR CRD

  • Product #: 69246
  • The NET5402R-HD-US is a HD 2 monitor network video decoder w/ US power cord from Pelco that is able to decode megapixel resolution and standard resolution streams for a high operating system. The NET5402R-HD-US network video decoder comes with user specified language choice support for a user interface display, alarm/spot monitor capability support, monitor wall configurations, aspect ratio of original stream support, as well as MPEG4/H.264 codec support, and a 2560 x 1600 monitor resolution. The NET5402R-HD-US network decoder also features blue power, a gigabit Ethernet interface, a green/amber/red unit status, plus an on/off button, and a steel cabinet construction. This network video decoder is able to produce high operating control, and comes simple to install for most operators.
  • Sale price: $5,395.71

  • Pelco ENC5308 Endura USB Multi-channel Video Encoder (8-channel)
  • Pelco ENC5308 Endura USB Multi-channel Video Encoder (8-channel)

  • Product #: 69056
  • Features :

    • Encodes video, audio, and control data for transmission via a USB 2.0 link to a DVR5300 Series digital video recorder
    • Converts up to 8 channels of live analog video into MPEG-4 video streams
    • Up to 4CIF resolution and 30 ips per stream
    • Captures up to 8 audio inputs simultaneously
    • Transmits the converted MPEG-4 streams directly to the DVR
    • Streams can be decoded using Endura components that include NET5301R video decoder, WS5000 Endura workstation, VCD5000 video console display, and CM9700MDD-EVS matrix video decoder
    • Allows you to configure up to 8 alarm inputs and up to 2 relay outputs
    • Endura system alerts the operator via a message, triggers a relay, and starts video recording, when alarm even is triggered
    • Configure up to 3 activity zones, with each zone having individual sensitivity and threshold settings per camera
    • Each video input supports 1 audio input
    • Allows cameras to transmit ambient sounds from vicinity
    • PTZ cameras can be controlled through Pelco D, Pelco P, and Coaxitron protocols
    • With coaxitron, the DVR sends the commands through the encoder
    • For Pelco D and Pelco P protocols, the commands are directly sent to the cameras over a serial connection
    • Modular Design - allows you to connect up to 3 ENC5308 encoder units to each DVR5300 for a maximum of 24 analog video inputs per DVR5300
    • Mix NET5301T video recorders with the ENC5308 units for a total of 24 analog and IP video inputs per DVR5300
    • Video can be monitored and played back from the CM9700 Series (CM9760/9770/9780) matrix using the optional CM9700MDD-EVS, a WS5000 Endura workstation, or a VCD5000 video console display
  • Sale price: $7,912.31

  • NET5308T Dual Stream Encoder 8 to 16 Inputs
  • NET5308T Dual Stream Encoder 8 to 16 Inputs

  • Product #: 69245
  • The NET5308T is a high-performance, dual-stream, eight-input video encoding unit. Its main function is to convert live analog video signals into dual MPEG-4 streams. It can process up to 30 high quality images per second per stream. In addition, the NET5308T uses motion adaptive deinterlacing technology to reduce jitter in 4CIF images.
  • Sale price: $14,753.27

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