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    Product #: 55910
    · Recess Mounts Into 3.5” x 16” Ctr. Wall Cavities.
    · Seven Large 2.5” Wire Entry Holes.
    · Knockout for inserting a 2 Outlet Electrical Box.
    · Heavy Duty Cover with Optional Cam Lock.

    Product #: 55906
    The Link Interface (ELK-ML8) connects to the data bus of the NetworkX NX Control using only 2 wires. Data received from the control is mapped to 16 collection flags. Changes to these flags are broadcasted over the Magic Module data bus. In addition, 240 bits of data from the Control may be interrogated on demand by the Magic Module. In order to program the 16 collection flags or develop a Home Control or Automation application, a Magic Module Programmers Kit (ELK-MK485) is needed. There is also a ready to install kit "Home Control Lite" available which includes a programmed Magic Module, Link Interface, plus a Magic Voice (ELK-MV120) 32 channel recordable voice annunciator.  
  • ELK ELK-800 10 Watt Audio Amplifier

    Product #: 53956
    The ELK-800 is a great compact public address audio amplifier. It may be connected to a telephone system paging output, a microphone, or even an ordinary single line phone set (see Basic PA system below). The audio source is amplified up to 10 watts, adjustable from an on-board volume control. Remotely installed, it saves money by requiring only 22 - 24 gauge telco or alarm type wire. It operates on 12 to 24 volts AC or DC and can also drive multiple speakers.
    $92.80 $159.09

    Product #: 55882
    • Superior solid state surge suppression
    • Rapid response time
    • Protects two incoming telephone lines
    • Clamps line-to-line & line-to-ground
    • Self-restoring after surges within ratings
    • RJ31/38X 8-pin modular jacks
    • Convenient test points for lineman's test set
    • Surface mount enclosure
  • ELK-M1TWF 2 Way Amplifier Bd, 3 Speaker & 3 Mic Zones

    Product #: 53037
    ELK-M1TWF 2 Way Amplifier Bd, 3 Speaker & 3 Mic Zones
    $135.70 $232.62

    Product #: 55878
    The ELK-930 performs three functions. It can detect ring activation from one or two doorbell buttons and a single telephone line. It conveniently isolates the voltage and current and produces an open collector (pull to ground) output which can be used to trigger an automation controller, relay, timer, etc. The circuit is pre-scored so that the individual detectors may be snapped off (separated) from each other. The ELK-930 Doorbell Detector monitors the current draw of a doorbell and produces an open collector output when the pushbutton is pressed and the doorbell draws 900mA or more. This open collector output can be used to trigger an automation controller input that utilizes high to low switching (pull to ground) for activation. The ELK-930 Telephone Ring Detector monitors the voltage on the telephone line and produces an open collector output (pull to ground) when the telephone ringing voltage is approximately 50 Volts or greater. The output follows the ringing pattern.
  • ElkRMS Remote Management Software for PCs, PDAs, and Smart Phones

    Product #: 66345
    ElkRMS PC Edition Remote Management Software runs as an executable program on virtually any personal computer running the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. It provides a powerful graphic user interface to an M1 or EZ8 system. It allows the control of many aspects of the M1 or EZ8 system including security, lighting, climate, tasks, outputs, etc. ElkRMS Remote Management Software can connect to the control through an Ethernet network or direct through the control’s main serial port (serial connection should not exceed 50 ft.). Multiple connections can be established through the Ethernet network, while connection through the control’s main serial port allows only a single connection. Ethernet connectivity requires the ELK-M1XEP Ethernet Interface to be installed and properly configured on the system.
    $167.30 $286.80
  • ELK-106066 Wireless keypad for Elkguard

    Product #: 53036
    ELK-106066 Wireless keypad for Elkguard
    $208.85 $358.02

    Product #: 55875
    The ELK-129 Computer Sound Card Interface allows a computer's speaker output to be used as one of the tools for programming the ELK Recordable Modules, such as the ELK-120, ELK-124, or ELK-MV480. The included shareware software is used to process your computer's audio files for use with the ELK-129. The ELK-129 then 'downloads' the processed files to the Recordable Module. Finished messages can be saved on your computer's hard drive for re-use.