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COP Security


  • 15-TV06S Cop Security Modulator

    Product #: 71612
    Features :
    • Channel switch from CH 14-69 (NTSC, TV) / CH21-69 (PAL, TV) / CH65-135 (NTSC, excluding CH95-CH99) or CH58-107(PAL, CATV)
    • Last channel memory
    • Frequency range: 471.25MHz~855.25MHz
    • Antenna input frequency from 50 MHz-900MHz
    • AGC (Auto Gain Control) function
    • Un to 300M transmission distance
    • Built in dip switch to adjust transmission distance
    • Power off memory
    • Small case can be installed into camera housing
    • Size: 75 x 64 x 25 mm
    $110.46 $189.36
  • 15-W100RA Long Range Twisted Pr Video Amplifier

    Product #: 66690
    Features :
    • 15-W100RA Twisted Pair Active Receiver as an amplifier
    • Transmit a full motion colour video signal up to 1.5Km, B/W up to 2.4Km while working with passive video transceiver
    • Built in HF/MF/LF Compensation for colour gain
    • Built in a highly balanced mode of video transmission for extra interference immunity
    • Built in surge protection
    • Built in Input Impedance/Balance/Liner Gain adjustment
    • Perfect to maintain good quality picture for long
    • Range transmission with DVR. No colour loss.
    • Using with active transmitter for series connection, range up to 3Km (Colour)
    • Power supply included
    $147.28 $252.48