Control Panel, Personal Emergency SYS

  • 30912 Battery Backup for Guardian Alert 911
  • 30912 Battery Backup for Guardian Alert 911

  • Product #: 58188
  • The optional Battery Backup (item #30912) will allow the Guardian Alert 911 product to operate during a power outage until the power comes back on, or up to 24 hours, whichever comes first.
  • Sale price: $117.21

  • LI380 Corridor Dome Light 4 Lamp
  • LI380 Corridor Dome Light 4 Lamp

  • Product #: 58219
  • Provides visual indication of calls originating from patient, staff,
    duty, bath, emergency, presence and code call stations. Patient priority
    and staff presence are indicated by amber, green, red and white colored
    lenses. When used with any room station or IR310C Staff Station, the
    LI380 indicates all calls originated from that room. When used with the
    IR300C Multipurpose Station or the IR315C Duty Station, the LI380 may be
    used as a zone light to indicate all calls from the zones to which
    those stations are assigned.
  • Sale price: $123.69


  • Product #: 58270
  • Emergency Button MCT-220 PERS
    Wireless Emergency Push Button

    MCT-220 PERS  is a wireless personal emergency button that provides an ideal solution for people who need to raise emergency alarm calls when they are not close to the control panel. The emergency button works with all Visonic Amber® personal emergency response systems and offers multiple additional features that enhance user comfort, such as allowing to answer incoming calls when the telephone is not within reach.
  • Sale price: $137.79

  • TW8100 The Whip(tm) AC pressure switch alarm
  • TW8100 The Whip(tm) AC pressure switch alarm

  • Product #: 58212
  • The Whip™ (Patent Pending) is a professional grade theft detection device designed to protect the exterior unit of air conditioners and heat pumps. The Whip™ has a sealed array of field selectable End-of-Line Resistor (EOLR) options which make it compatible with most any professional security system (conventional or multiplex) on the market
  • Sale price: $173.85

  • 37920 Emergency Wall Communicator
  • 37920 Emergency Wall Communicator

  • Product #: 58196
    • Full two-way voice communication anytime
    • 5 hours of available talk time
    • Water resistant
  • Sale price: $292.41


  • Product #: 58255
    The SF525ES and SF525/2ES Universal Contact Wireless
    Transmitters are for use with Tek-CARE®500 Wireless
    Emergency Call System. The SF525ES and SF525/2ES
    transmit signals at the 900 MHz frequency. They send
    supervision signals to the Tek-CARE®500 system at a
    selectable interval, making it ideal for both high security
    installations and residential installations. The transmitters
    are for use with any standard NO or NC contact (15 msec
    duration) or sensor. The SF525ES includes one selectable
    NO/NC input; the SF525/2ES include a selectable NO/NC
    input, plus an NC-only input.
    The SF525ES and SF525/2ES require no physical wiring
    connections to transmit an alarm call and are powered by
    a 3V lithium battery. Each has a tamper-proof case and
    includes a mounting bracket.
  • Sale price: $298.02

  • 37915 LifeSentry Extra Pendant (w/ 2 batteries )
  • 37915 LifeSentry Extra Pendant (w/ 2 batteries )

  • Product #: 58194
  • This is an optional, additional LifeSentry Pendant for the LifeSentry PERS Kit.  Any combination of up to (4) Pendants and Emergency Wall Communicators may be added to the LifeSentry Base unit.
  • Sale price: $302.82


  • Product #: 58256
    The SF527ES Wireless Support Module is for use with the
    Tek-CARE®500 Wireless Emergency Call System. When
    the SF527eS is connected to an SF337C Waterproof
    Emergency Station, the SF337C operates as a wireless
    device in the Tek-CARE®500 system. When properly
    installed, the SF527ES/SF337C assembly may be located in
    a shower, bath or tub room, regardless of environmental
    conditions (stainless steel and other metal fixtures may
    interfere with the signal transmission).
    The SF527ES transmits signals at the 900MHz frequency.
    It includes a universal transmitter and a pre-assembled 7-
    pin wiring harness for connection to the SF337C Emergency
    Station. The SF527ES requires no other wiring connections
    and is powered by a user-replaceable 3V lithium battery.
  • Sale price: $323.34

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