• NRKR300D Door Station Rough-in
  • NRKR300D Door Station Rough-in

  • Product #: 66175
  • Door Station Rough-in
  • Sale price: $15.00


  • Product #: 65205
  • The CF135W is a fixed temperature only detector. The fixed temperature portion consists of a spring-loaded plunger retained by a fusible alloy that releases when the ceiling temperature reaches 135°F (57°C). When released, the plunger strikes a normally open set of contacts and holds them closed. Spacing on an uninterrupted ceiling is 40’ (12.5m). The CF135 is identified by a black dot on its heat collector fin.
  • Sale price: $17.00

  • STI-9614 Sounder Cage - large
  • STI-9614 Sounder Cage - large

  • Product #: 69785
  • Sounder Cage - large
  • Sale price: $49.00

  • 110 cd Synchronized Strobe, RED.
  • 110 cd Synchronized Strobe, RED.

  • Product #: 69291
  • RED. Strobe: Meets sleeping area requirements. UL1971 Listed @ 110 cd, "FIRE" wall orientation.

    The 202 Series strobes are specially designed for use with compatible life safety communication and control equipment to alert the hearing impaired in a life safety event.
  • Sale price: $75.00

  • HSC-1 - High Security Contact
  • HSC-1 - High Security Contact

  • Product #: 65206
  • Triple-biased, SPDT (Form C) reed alarm switches in the switch unit with a magnet array in the magnet unit, makes the defeat of the switch with an external magnet virtually impossible
    · Magnetic field tamper output added to further resist defeat with an external magnet or magnet array assembly
    · Hidden pry tamper, SPST (Form A) alarm switch output
    · For indoor/outdoor use
    · Lead type-8 foot flexible stainless steel armored cable
    · Narrow housing allows for mounting on narrow door frames
    · Grey powdercoat aluminum housings with protective end caps
    MKT. #8870017 - REV H
    The following operating features and conditions exist with the switch and magnet units in its secured condition (positioned, mounted, and wired correctly):
    · Triple Biased Switch Operation - The three biased switches will be in the closed position when the switch is in its secured condition. Opening of the door or removal of the switch unit or magnet unit will cause an alarm condition.
    · Pry Tamper Operation - The pry tamper switch will be in the closed position when the switch is in its secured condition (depressed by tamper screw). Removal of the switch unit from the mounting surface will cause a tamper alarm condition.
    · Magnetic Tamper Operation - applying an external magnet in an attempt to defeat the switch will operate a normally closed
  • Sale price: $108.00

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