Video Baluns ( CAT5 Cable use )

Use CAT5 or CAT6 cable to transmit video signals up to 1000ft. Save time and money utilizing unused cable already installed in your home or place of business. CAT5/CAT6 cable is capable of transmitting video signals at much grater distances then standard composite video cable without degrading signal quality. This professional grade unit is great for video surveillance installations.

  • LTA1010 Balun pair BNC to RJ45
  • LTA1010 Balun pair BNC to RJ45

  • SKU: WECTA1010
  • Product #: 23455
  • Sale price: $19.50

  • CCTV Video Balun BLN-TL
  • CCTV Video Balun BLN-TL

  • Product #: 70839
  • Sale price: $28.99

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