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Security Cameras are the eyes and ears in the surveillance world and World Eye cam has a variety of options to fill that void. Our huge array of surveillance cameras assure that you will find everything you need in our one stop shop. We carry a huge selection of Dome and Bullet Analog Cameras starting from 540 TV Lines all the way up to Network IP Cameras of up to 1080P and 4K Resolution with Night Vision ranging from 60ft to over 350ft. Our Indoor/Outdoor, Vandal proof and even explosion proof Cameras allow you to cover every life situation. We even offer Hidden Spy Cameras so you can covertly record anyone while remaining undetected. You can easily find the perfect camera to fill your budget needs with our affordable cameras starting as low as $29 up to $3,000.

Still not sure what to get or you just want to make sure that you got everything you need? Maybe you still have questions on how to easily upgrade from analog to IP cameras? Well give our dedicated customer service department a call and trust that they will provide expert advice for all your security questions.

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Security cameras are one of the most essential security devices needed in today’s world and they work as both a way to keep an eye on what you need to as well as a strong theft deterrant. A CCTV camera is a key part of any security camera system. Security cameras can be used for indoors and outdoors surveillance purposes with options available that will provide night vision for nighttime surveillance.

These CCTV surveillance cameras come in a variety of styles such as bullets, domes, boxes, Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, and Licence Plate Recogniziton cameras. While there are numerous options when it comes to analog security systems, newer technologies such as IP and HD-SDI allow much higher definition images to be captured with their cameras.

In order to record and save footage from a traditional surveillance camera you will need a digital video recorder (or DVR). IP cameras record to a network video recorder (or NVR), while HD-SDI cameras also have their own type of DVR required.

  • Security cameras can be mounted in almost any location, however certain types of cameras are better suited for specific mounting than others. Domes work great on a ceiling or overhang, while bullets can be mounted on the side of the wall to great effect.

  • Many cameras have a fixed lens that's set at 3.6mm. This will give you about a 90 degree viewing angle of the area. For wider or tighter views, a varifocal lens is recommended.

  • Dome cameras are popular as they are lower profile than bullets. However a bullet camera with a varifocal lens can sometimes cover a larger area than a dome. Your needs for the camera will usually dictate what style camera to choose.

  • Megapixel IP and HD-SDI cameras offer a resolution up to four times that of a traditional analog CCTV camera.

  • PTZ cameras have range with their 360 degree rotation along with the 10 – 190 degree lens tilting capability.

  • Digital video decoders use the latest h.264 video decoding systems that can record up to 30fps real time footage at full resolution.

  • All modern DVR systems offer the ability to remotely access and view your cameras either on a computer or a mobile device via free apps.

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