Virtual Security Guard: PUSH Video

  • AVN216 - Network Camera
  • AVN216 - Network Camera

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  • AVM217 - Network IR Camera

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Full function model

WiFi model
Economic model
AVN80X AVN812 AVN801
Micro SD Slot Ï Ë Ë
Manual Record Ï(W/SD) Ë Ë
White LED Ï Ï Ë
Human Detection Ï Ï Ï
Speaker Ï Ï Ë
WiFi Ë Ï Ë
Alarm I/O Ï Ï Ï
Event Record (duration)5, 10, 20, 40 sec. Selectable Ï Ï Ï

Why do you need Push Video?

Ï Because I am NOT a security guard to monitor my property all the time. I want to get NOTIFIED when something happens!
Ï Because I want to PLAYBACK to see who triggered the alarm, not the Live video without intruder in the picture!
Ï Because JEPG picture is never taken at a right target and I prefer VIDEO to know more detail!
Ï Because what I truly need is instant video notifications, instead of notification messages or emails.

Application Scenarios


Office / Factory

Store / Warehouse

Garage / Garden

Do you have iPhone, iPad or Android Mobile devices? Push Video Series IP camera, could be your tireless housekeeper who renders a great service, including sending instant notifications and play event video clips on your Mobile Devices, and you will never miss the important moment.

Impressive Features

Push Video


Human Detection Sensor (AVN805)

Alarm I/O




Digital PTZ

IR Shifter


>> Key Features <<


When an event happens and is detected by our Push Video IP camera, the camera will immediately send an event notification to your mobile phone which will then activate our mobile app, EagleEyes, automatically for remote video playback within 5 seconds.

2. Multi-platform Support for Mobile Surveillance

iPad & Android is supported to fulfill various users' demands. Our self-developed mobile app, "EagleEyes", can be installed on your mobile phone for remote surveillance at anytime, from anywhere.

World’s 1st iPad monitoring app EagleEyesHD to support real 1280x1024 resolution!

3. Digital PTZ:
To see more details, Digital PTZ allows users to move up / down and left / right after zoom in on an object.

4. External Alarm I/O Accessories

Push Video IP cameras support all kinds of N.O. / N.C. type alarm sensors; for example, active infrared sensor, smoke detector, magnetic contacts and so forth to extend the flexibility of IP surveillance.

5. Powerful Storage & Offsite Backup

This series of products supports not only basic recording but also powerful storage and offsite backup functionality with NVR+NAS Hybrid system.

More details

6. AVTECH DDNS Server:
AVTECH DDNS service is rendered free of charge, so user can get DDNS service by quick signup, ridding of filling in personal information.

7. Image Comparison

Day View (AVN807)

Night View

During day time surveillance, the image quality of Push Video IP camera series is relatively better than other brand’s IP camera because this camera series is equipped with a IR Shifter, Live MOS image sensor and Uniphier DSP (manufactured from a famous Japanese component supplier). At night, the surveillance area could be illuminated with IR LEDs to provide sharp and clear images.

Get Event Video Call in 5 Seconds. It’s just like having a Private Guard!

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