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  • Geovision GV-IP Camera 1.3M
  • Geovision GV-IP Camera 1.3M

  • SKU: GV-IP 1.3M
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At Worldeyecam we like to provide our customers with options that make it easy for them to secure their homes. Going IP is sometimes the most efficient way to secure your home or work place with a Video Surveillance System. Our HD IP Cameras and Nvr's both get installed and work on your local network. Most of our Nvr's come with up to 8 ports of POE(Power Over Ethernet), and up to 32 channels for IP cameras. POE allows the use of a single Cat5 cable to transmit video from and power to a camera. If you need additional ports with POE, we do supply many Power Over Ethernet Switches to bring power to additional cameras. If a direct run back to the Nvr isn't a possibility, connecting to your local network and providing a separate power source works just the same. Call us at 1+(888)211-2288 if you need any assistance with selecting an Nvr or an IP Camera system.

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