IP Network Cameras

IP Network Cameras are the latest version available in the range of security cameras. They are simply the digitized and highly modified versions of the previously CCTV camera sets. The cameras have additional features that make them one of the most demanded security camera systems installed for protecting your home and workplace. The few brands offering quality IP network cameras are Geovision, ACTi, Sony and Arecont. The cameras offer a range of features which are mentioned here below.

  • The IP network cameras are basically dome shaped and compact. Their size range from 1/3 inch or above.
  • The cameras are light weight around 240g to a maximum 685g (including the shield) which make them easy for installation at all places.
  • Most cameras have a varying lens focal length like F3.3 or f4.3mm.
  • These cameras angles are adjustable with the features for panning and tilting.
  • The cameras have the C or CS mount.
  • The IP Network cameras have the minimum Illumination 0.2 Lux thus giving you clear images even during less or no light.
  • The camera lenses offer 420-700 TVL Horizontal Resolution thus offering clear pictures of the footage captured.
  • The cameras offer color resolution of 0Lux IR LED at 4Lux which is otherwise controlled by CDS sensor.
  • The cameras have a clear picture resolution VGA (640 × 480), HD (1280 × 720), SXGA (1280 × 1024).
  • Nearly all IP cameras Include CDS, CMOS or 1/3 inch CCD progressive scan sensors in their system.
  • The cameras also include a 3 windows motion detector.
  • You can also find a selectable MJPEG or MPEG-4 SP Video compression.
  • The camera has several connectors included into its design such as: Two way audio, DC drive, Video drive and DC Jack.
  • The IP cameras use 12V dc power supply.
  • Some of the cameras with weather shields use the IP66 standard weatherproof casing.
  • The cameras are tamper and weather resistant.
  • Majority of the cameras are programmed with intense password protection system.
  • Most of the cameras use IE6 or an above version of web browser.
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