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Because sometimes you just need a little something extra to complete your installation. World Eye Cam has all your cable and surveillance accessory needs right on our website. We have everything including; high grade direct burial cables, lock boxes, camera mounts & housing, LED illuminators, surge protectors and much more. We guarantee that you will find everything you need right on our site, that if you don’t see it then we will help you find it for free. World Eye Cam your one-stop shop for all your surveillance needs!


  • SKU: J-101-88
  • Product #: 45512
  • Sale price: $0.44

  • 100 Feet CAT5 Cable
  • 100 Feet CAT5 Cable

  • SKU: CAT5-100
  • Product #: 76871
  • Sale price: $30.00

  • 150 Feet CAT5 Cable
  • 150 Feet CAT5 Cable

  • SKU: CAT5-150
  • Product #: 82191
  • Sale price: $40.00

  • 200 Feet CAT5 Cable
  • 200 Feet CAT5 Cable

  • SKU: CAT5-200
  • Product #: 82192
  • Sale price: $50.00

Cables and Wiring are the backbone to any Security Surveillance Camera System, they carry all the data and power to your system. Without them, there would be no communication between the Security Camera DVR to the Security Cameras. It's important to use the correct wiring for your configuration to work properly. At WorldEyeCam we have every type of cable you need to get your system up and running. These cables come with all of our pre-made Security Camera Kits. If you are looking for Surveillance Cameras Accessories such as BNC connectors or power supply pigtails, we supply those as well. If you need any assistance with finding a product or are unsure of a product, please call our highly knowledgeable sales team at 1+(888)211-2288.

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