iMaxCamPro 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder, Remote Viewing
G4-HD-E H.264 720p HD Output DVR 16 Channel  - Rear

iMaxCamPro 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder, Remote Viewing

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iMaxCamPro has been an industry leader for over a decade expanding its technology along the way. This High End DVR brings the quality and integrity professional installers and end users alike have come to appreciate. Recently being added to the direct consumer market has allowed iMaxCamPro to stream line your user experience by listening to end users input, adding to the ease of use and installation of this durable DVR. Fully functional client software gives you the capacity to monitor your home or business from any application you choose, be it your smart phone, laptop or MAC or Windows PC. Our Client software also allows for REMOTE RECORDING. In the event that your DVR is stolen or vandalized, you will have live video recording remotely to a remote PC or another PC on-location to monitor and record. Multiple High Definition monitor outputs allow for VGA, HDMI and composite monitors to be used simultaneously. Real time video recording speed combined with MOTION DETECTION with full real time recording audio option gives you the comfort of knowing what is being said and done at your business. A feature unique to this particular DVR is the E-Map feature which allows you to download a map or building schematic to pinpoint exact locations of your cameras. This feature also gives you the control to determine if you need to alter your camera placement without actually having to move the cameras themselves saving you time and money.

Product Features

  • Hi-Def 1080p HDMI Output
  • 1280 x 1024 VGA Output
  • Simultaneous multiple hi- res monitor output
  • Network Sub-stream Capable
  • New Central Monitoring System
  • H.264 WITH Multi-Channel Simultaneous Playback
  • E-Map Function Support
  • Pentaplex operation
  • Real Time Recording/Playback
  • USB DVD/CD and Flash Drive Backup
  • Up to 2 Terabyte Internal Storage
  • Mobile View (Supports Windows Mobile)
  • Synced Audio Recording/Playback
  • Intuitive GUI
  • MAC Surveillance Software available - FREE DOWNLOAD
  • 3 Year DVR Warranty

The iMaxCamPro Bronze is a business class digital video recorder offering enterprise class features, which puts in into a class of its own. The iMaxCamPro Bronze utilizes H.264 hardware compression, which is the same as our popular Gold and Platinum DVRs. The unit has HDMI, VGA and composite monitor outputs, which can all be used simultaneously.

HDMI and VGA outputs can support resolutions as high as 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 720 and 1024 x 768 for live viewing. The iMaxCamPro Bronze can record real-time video at CIF resolution on every channel and up to four audio recorded channels, two on the 8-Channel and 16-Channel units, at real-time at full D1 resolution. This can be utilized for a high priority camera such as a cash register or main entrance.

The iMaxCamPro Bronze offers network sub-streaming, enabling you to configure just the network functionality to your assigned upload speed without degrading the record quality. This feature was previously available only in our top end enterprise class units. The compact form factor allows installations in virtually any environment.

Included with every unit is a new and improved version of Client Software, which will also be compatible with our complete line of Gold and Platinum DVRs. You are not limited to using the Client Software however, because this unit can also be accessed using the embedded Internet Explorer feature. Considering all these features; HDMI, network sub streaming, multiple hi definition main monitor outputs at a price that can’t be beat, you won’t find another DVR that compares.

Detailed Specification PDF
Bronze iMaxCamPro User Manual (PDF version)
Bronze iMaxCamPro User Manual (HTML version)
Bronze iMaxCamPro Quick Start Guide
Professional Surveillance System Client Software for PC
Professional Surveillance System Client Software for MAC
File Player Utility
PSS Users Manual
Accessing the DVR with Internet Explorer 8
HDD Storage Calculator
Quick Start Guide

PC DVR Software Download
Click here to see our PC Remote
Surveillance Software

Apple MAC DVR Software Download
Click here to see our Apple MAC OS X Remote
Surveillance Software

Mobile Phone Viewing Instructions:

iPhone instructions
blackberry instructions
android instructions
windows mobile instructions
Windows Mobile
symbian instructions

  1. Before using the demo, you MUST enable all Active X options within Internet Explorer. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security Tab
  2. Click the Internet icon and then click the Custom Level button near the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled "Active X Controls and Plugins"
  4. For every option within that section, set to Enable.
  5. Click OK to close the security settings window, and Click OK again to close the options window.
  6. Click here to view the demo.
  7. Log in using the username "demo" and password "demo".
  8. After entering, you will see a blue bar flashing at the top of your browser, asking you to install Active X. Click the bar and choose to Run the Active X Control.
  9. When you are logged in, click the "Open All" button on the left hand side of the screen to start viewing live video.

Frames Per Second (FPS) Comparison

The frames per second (fps) relates to how many pictures (or frames) the DVR will record in a single second. Real time recording is 30 fps on each passing second. To calculate the fps per camera take the total fps in the system and divide it by the number of video inputs. For example, a 120 fps digital video recorder with 4 video inputs would result in about 30 fps per camera. The technology has finally gotten to the point now where real time recording is affordable. If you are recording cash registers or something similar then you should definitely invest in real time recording.

30 FPS Sample

7.5 FPS Sample

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James Fadel - LA, CA
Apr 17, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great product, easy to install and use from phone or pc. I have put this system in many times for clients and you cannot go wrong with it. It also comes free with software which usually costs alot of money.
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Jeff Locke
Worldeyecam support dept were very good about getting back with me, getting technical info from the designers, and digging up info from their resources there. I took this event as an opportunity to set up the remote viewing capabilities. This Intellpix DVR is the most amazing video server I have ever seen. Without any software on your pc you can easily pull up any previous footage, and even right click and record locally to your machine right off the interface. I don't know how it does this without a software app installed. I have 5 different models of dvrs in 10 different locations. Most of them are cheaper dvrs that generally do a great job, but I can see from this exactly why this one is worth the money. It has hundreds of small features, and they all actually work as they should. Most dvrs do the basics well, but when you get into the other features that only the most technically inclined users would find, it seems like they didnt spend much time or resources getting them right. For instance, while playing back a file, i can pull just any small amount of time, even a few seconds, and save it to email it, or load just that few seconds onto a jump drive, or disc. None of the other 4 brands that I work with do anything as well as this one does. I've been buying and using these for 8yrs now, and until this one nothing could do what the computer based cards could do, but this is much better than even the high end geovision cards. Thanks again for all your technical support knowledge.
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