2 Camera Systems

Two channel complete camera kits include everything you need to begin your CCTV surveillance solution. These systems come in a variety of configurations including dome and bullet cameras, so you can choose the system that is perfect for your situation. The four-channel digital video recorders included with each kit have expansion room for two more cameras so your DVR system has room to grow in the future. Each system includes:

(1) Four-channel surveillance DVR. These have room for one hard drive (up to 3tb in size) and feature HDMI and VGA outputs. Free mobile apps are available to monitor your system where ever you have internet access.

(2) Security Cameras. Choose bullets or domes, indoors or outdoors. Whatever you need for security, there is an option here.

(1) Four-camera 12v DC power supply.

(2) 100' of video/power siamese cables.

The DVR includes a three-year warranty, while the cameras have a one-year warranty.

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