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PRO BOX Camera Lens

WorldEyeCam is happy to offer a series of lenses for the Analog CCTV Pro Box surveillance cameras. These lenses range in size and functions. We offer both varifocal and fixed lenses with focal lengths ranging from 2.5mm to 50mm. Each of the lenses in this section are compatible with the Analog Pro Box security cameras. Browse our selection to find the best for your security camera and surveillance needs. 


Omni OC-D02812A CCTV 2.8-12 mm Vari-Focal...
Product #: 16245

This is a 2.8-12mm Vari-Focal Auto Iris Lens (DC Drive). It uses a standard CS Mount and has a 1/3" image format. 

$54.00 $73.00

Fujinon FVL550AI 5-50mm DC Auto Iris...
Product #: 16248

This is a 5-50mm varifocal lens with DC auto iris. It uses a standard CS Mount and has a 1/3" image format.

$80.00 $106.00

1/3" 6.0-60mm Auto IRIS Vari-Focal Lens
Product #: 37557

CS-Mount Lens, Auto Iris Vari Focal 1/3" 6.0 - 60mm F1.6-360
Field: 52.2-5.7 Focusing Range: 0.3m Back Focus: 9.53mm
$80.80 $94.86

Fujinon FVL27135AI-DN 2.7-13.5mm Auto Iris...
Product #: 16244

This is a 2.7-13.5mm varifocal lens from Fujinon. It has a 1/3" image format and DC auto iris.


WEC-AHD-IR2M18A-3.7MM HD-AHD 1080P Day/Night...
Product #: 86472

This hidden surveillance camera is ideal for discreet monitoring. It can record up to a 1080p resolution image with the 3.7mm fixed lens. The security camera is equipped with infrared LEDs so it can continue capturing images even in total darkness. This camera is also 700TVL when used in analog mode.

$86.00 $149.00

Fujinon FVL550AI-DN 5-50mm DC Auto Iris...
Product #: 16250

This Fujinon lens has a 5-50mm focal length and DC auto iris. It is equipped for both day and night use.

$95.00 $121.00

Omni OC-D05100A Vari-Focal Auto Iris...
Product #: 16251

A Zodiak Auto Iris (DC Drive), 5.0 - 100mm varifocal lens with CS Mount and 1/3" Image Format.

$159.00 $180.00