Paging Systems Mixer


  • Product #: 53623
  • The Bogen PCMZPM zone paging module can operate high-power or low-power paging systems (only one type per PCMZPM module). For high-power paging,a single amplifier can be used for paging and supplying background music (when not paging). Background music can also be continuously supplied to all zones not being paged with the addition of a second amplifier. For low-power operation,background music is always supplied to zones not being paged. Each module can also be disconnected from the background music bus and connected to a local background music source.

    Two additional zone modules can be added to the basic system to increase capacity to 9 zones.When more than 9 zones are required, a central processor module with power supply and up to 3 zone modules can be assembled as a satellite system. Ten additional 9-zone satellite systems can be installed to bring total capacity to 99 zones.

  • Sale price: $224.56

  • PA-2A Add Paging and Multiple Line Loud Ringing to Any Phone System
  • PA-2A Add Paging and Multiple Line Loud Ringing to Any Phone System

  • Product #: 53649
  • The PA-2A provides loud ringing and paging to elec-tronic key systems, 1A2 Key systems, PABX’s as well as No-KSU phones and multiline phones. Paging is accomplished by connecting the PA-2A to a paging port or unused telephone line input (trunk port) of nearly any phone system.

    The PA-2A will also generate adjustable loud ringing from up to 6 analog lines or from a dry contact clo-sure. Either a loud electronic warble, or one of three other soft chime sounds may be selected. An external “night transfer” switch can be added to turn loud ringing on or off in night bell applications.

    The PA-2A is easy to install and eliminates the installation of multiple bells, relays and paging cards. The unit comes complete with a power supply, amplifier and (1) paging horn..
  • Sale price: $252.58

  • 135MA Mixer Amp, 3 Input, 1/2 Rack, Mono, 35W @ 8 ohms or 70V/100V
  • 135MA Mixer Amp, 3 Input, 1/2 Rack, Mono, 35W @ 8 ohms or 70V/100V

  • Product #: 53627
  • The Crown 135MA is a high value mixer-amplifier for commercial audio. It provides 8-ohm and constant-voltage outputs (70V and 100V). Typical uses are paging, background music, and music-on-hold. The 135MA provides 3 inputs (each with a volume control) and a 35W amplifier output. Other features include priority muting, voice activated muting, phantom power, and Bass and Treble controls.
  • Sale price: $406.05

  • SCM262 Stereo Microphone Mixer
  • SCM262 Stereo Microphone Mixer

  • Product #: 53633
  • The Right Amount of Mixer

    Many smaller installations require an easy-to-use mixer with very specific features and capabilities. You need to integrate your microphones and stereo equipment without paying for features you'll never use. And of course, you'll need dependability. The SCM262 provides features tailor-made for your smaller application -- such as defeatable "ducking," "jukebox mute," and "12V Phantom." 

  • Sale price: $626.52

  • CAM2 MIC/Line Mixer
  • CAM2 MIC/Line Mixer

  • Product #: 53620
  • 4 MIC inputs
    Low-impedance, balanced MIC inputs
    1 High-impedance AUX input
    Low-noise, active mixing
    Master volume control
    Input clipping indicator for each channel
    5 segment LED output level meter
  • Sale price: $638.12

  • SCM268 4 Channel Microphone Mixer
  • SCM268 4 Channel Microphone Mixer

  • Product #: 53634
  • Six Reasons the SCM268 Is The Right Choice:

    Transformer. Transformer. Transformer. Transformer. Transformer. Transformer. 

    Great Value

    The competitively-priced SCM268 microphone mixer features six transformers inside: four transformer balanced XLR microphone-level inputs, one transformer balanced XLR mic/line output, and one internal low stray field, toroidal power transformer. 

  • Sale price: $688.85

  • VMIX Power Vector Mixer/Pre-Amplifier
  • VMIX Power Vector Mixer/Pre-Amplifier

  • Product #: 53624
  • 8 module input bays, accepts up to 2 signal-processing output modules or up to 8 input modules
    Four priority levels
    Rack mountable w/ kit (sold separately)
    11-segment LED output level meter monitors the output level of the mixer with A vg./Peak switch
  • Sale price: $703.24

  • SLP-4 Single Line Paging Controller with CD Quality
  • SLP-4 Single Line Paging Controller with CD Quality

  • Product #: 53650
  • The SLP-4 Single Line Paging Controller will allow you to page family members or co-workers from any phone in your home or small office. The pages can be heard over the same speakers that are installed for multi-zone music distribution.

    The SLP-4 provides inputs for 4 lighted doorbell switches. The inputs select 4 different CD quality sounds from a library of eight factory recordings including Westminster bells, chimes, alert tones, barking dog, etc. Alternatively, users may record their own CD quality sounds into the SLP-4 from their PC’s USB port. When the doorbell switch is pressed, background music is muted while the appropriate sound is heard over the system speakers.

    The SLP-4 connects in series with a single existing phone line. The unit has a built-in 2 watt amplifier, pre-amp output, music on hold input, intercom features, and selectable loud ringing.
  • Sale price: $1,046.41

  • CAM8PRO MIC/Line Mixers Preamplifier
  • CAM8PRO MIC/Line Mixers Preamplifier

  • Product #: 53621
  • 8 independently assignable inputs
    Dual-bus design with Main/AUX output selector for each input
    Pluggable terminal strip connections
    MIC/Line switch for each input and main output; separate AUX input
    Balanced inputs and outputs
    CAM8PRO includes compressor/ limiter, LED output meter, and headphone output
  • Sale price: $1,412.95

  • M-243 6-Channel Stereo Mixer
  • M-243 6-Channel Stereo Mixer

  • Product #: 53646
  • M-243 6-Channel Stereo Mixer
  • Sale price: $1,452.66

  • DFR22 Audio Processor
  • DFR22 Audio Processor

  • Product #: 53632
  • Two Channels. A Powerful Processor. The Shure DFR has quickly become the industry standard for effective feedback reduction. The DFR22 builds on that reputation to provide an affordable full-featured 2x2 audio processor with drag-and-drop software.

    The DFR22 is ideal for installed sound reinforcement applications, such as houses of worship, theaters, and meeting facilities.

    DFR22 is also a powerful setup tool in live music applications. Using the DFR22’s drag-and-drop graphical user interface, processors can be placed anywhere in the signal path.

  • Sale price: $1,574.51

  • 280MA 8x2 Mixer / Amplifier, 70V, 2 x 80W
  • 280MA 8x2 Mixer / Amplifier, 70V, 2 x 80W

  • Product #: 53629
  • The 280MA has 8 inputs and two 80W power amplifiers.

    Crown’s Commercial Audio mixer/amplifiers deliver legendary Crown quality to the commercial audio industry. These high-value mixer/amplifiers provide both 4-ohm and constant-voltage outputs (70V and 100V) for use in a wide range of commercial applications including schools, hospitals, factories, restaurant/retail, houses of worship, fitness facilities, A/V boardrooms, prisons, and small offices. Easily configured for a range of uses such as paging, background music, security, and evacuation instructions, Crown’s Commercial Audio units are the smart choice for commercial sound.

  • Sale price: $1,581.79

  • M-9000M2 Mixer/Pre-Amplifier
  • M-9000M2 Mixer/Pre-Amplifier

  • Product #: 53631
  • Modular Digital Matrix Mixer, Modular - Up to 8 Inputs and 8 Outputs, Automixing, Telephone Zone Paging, Multi-Band Filtering, Black (2U)
  • Sale price: $1,785.16

  • Audio Technica AT-MX341A 4 Ch Automatic Smart Mixer
  • Audio Technica AT-MX341A 4 Ch Automatic Smart Mixer

  • Product #: 53638
  • The AT-MX341a automatic mixer is ideal for meetings, seminars, teleconferencing, worship services, radio and TV broadcasting and A/V applications. All switching is under microprocessor control with proprietary algorithms for instant, seamless operation. An individual priority pre-select switch for each mic/line channel allows choice of one-channel-at-a-time operation, all channels active, or any mix of moderator override. The last microphone on stays on so that ambient sound is never muted. Plus, any number of SmartMixers can be linked to create a system for large multi-mic installations. The priority control system extends throughout the entire chain.
  • Sale price: $2,963.70

  • Audio Technica AT-MX381 8 Ch Pro Auto Smart Mixer
  • Audio Technica AT-MX381 8 Ch Pro Auto Smart Mixer

  • Product #: 53639
  • Audio Technica ATMX381 8 Ch Pro Auto Smart Mixer

    Equipped with optional computer control, the AT-MX381 SmartMixer is the latest addition to Audio-Technica's family of automatic mixers. This microprocessor-controlled automatic mixer is designed to provide automatic mixing functions for installed sound, house of worship, broadcast and conference applications. Engineered for intuitive, easy-to-use operation, the new SmartMixer automatically keeps the number of open microphones to a minimum, bringing background noise and feedback under control and providing increased clarity and audio quality.

  • Sale price: $6,658.72

  • Q-D-2012C Remote Console Unit for D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor
  • Q-D-2012C Remote Console Unit for D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor

  • Product #: 53647
  • The Q-D-2012C is a 6U rack mountable Remote Console Unit designed for exclusive use with the D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor Unit. Assigned to any desired channels inside the D-2008SP by the dedicated software, the Q-D-2012C's 12 motorized faders and 8 rotary encoders can remotely adjust their volumes. Desired preset memories can be recalled using 8 function keys. It is equipped with 1 channel line input (stereo), which allows the audio signal to be transmitted to the D-2008SP via monitor bus. Audio signals inside the D-2008SP can be monitored via monitor bus through headphones connected to a stereo headphone output. The Q-D-2012C can be installed on a desk with the additional use of an optional Q-D-2012AS Console Case. Note: the Q-D-2012C is the Canadian version of the D-2012C, and has been CSA inspected.
  • Sale price: $8,784.42

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