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Outdoor Camera Housings

The outdoor surveillance camera housings are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. They meet IP66 and IK10 standards so they are both weatherproof and vandal-resistant. We also offer options with built-in heaters/fans to cool or warm up the security camera in extreme termperatures. These casings do not include the camera.


MG Electronics CAMH-1200K 12 Inch...
Product #: 16446

This security camera housing can handle up to 22lbs of a bullet surveillance camera. It is weather sealed with a glass window to keep your security camera safe indoor and outdoor.

$34.00 $45.00

MG Electronics CAMH-400K 12 Inch...
Product #: 16503

This is an indoor/outdoor casing for bullet security cameras. It is approximately 12" in length and is being in color. The mounting bracket is included with purchase.

$34.00 $68.00

MG Electronics CAMH-1000K Indoor/Outdoor...
Product #: 16449

This is an indoor/outdoor bullet security camer housing. It can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 90 degress. It is weather sealed and made of durable aluminum. The housing can be locked to protect the surveillance camera.

$35.12 $43.90

MG Electronics CAMH-1100K Side Opening...
Product #: 16453

This bullet security camera housing is ideal for outdoor use. It has a built-in heater/fan so it can withstand extreme temperatures and it is weather sealed. 

$47.92 $59.90

MG Electronics CAMH-800K 15 Inch...
Product #: 16501

This security camera housing comes with a universal mounting bracket that fits most camera mounts. It is approximately 15" in length. The casing is weather tight and safe to be used outdoors.

$49.00 $60.00

Pole Mount for the WACD-PTZ Series
Product #: 16278

Pole Mount Adapter This adapter enables a PTZ housing to be fixed to a vertical pole. The adapter is clamped around the pole using the supplied bolts and the housing and bracket bolts on to it.
$99.00 $142.00

Outdoor Housing and bracket -BUILT-IN IR...
Product #: 33035

Outdoor Housing and bracket -BUILT-IN IR & BLOWER , SIZE 373 x 140 x 115mm, 12 SUPER LED + 10 REG LED, ALUMINUM / BEIGE / DC 12V, OUTDOOR / INDOOR HOUSING
$129.00 $159.00

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