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IR LED Illuminators

IR LED Illuminators provide lighting for indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras.


  • WEC-IMAX-IR-130 LED 60IR upto 130FT

    Product #: 34356

    This illuminator has 60 infrared LED lights that providing lighting up to a 130 foot distance. The light angle is 45 degrees.

    $58.00 $97.00
  • WEC-IMAX-IR-295 12 pcs. Powerful IR LEDs upto 295FT Distance

    Product #: 34353

    This unit has 12 IR LEDs that are powerful enough to illuminate a 295 foot distance. It is ideal for long range illumination and has a 50 degree light angle. 

    $59.00 $131.00
  • WEC-LTIR150 IR LED 18IR(L) upto 500FT

    Product #: 34354

    With 18 IR LEDs, this light can illuminate a 500 foot distance. It has a 50 degree light angle and is ideal for long range illumination.

    $59.99 $142.00

    Product #: 86161

    The GV‐IR LED T2 is designed to work with the GV‐IPCAM to improve image performance in low‐light environments. If you set the GV‐IR LED T2 to be triggered by day/night mode, the infrared light of GV‐IR LED T2 will be turned on and the camera images will be switched to monochrome to produce higher quality images in Night mode.

    $70.00 $97.00
  • VT-IR2/12 12VDC LED Infrared Illuminator w/100 Foot Range

    Product #: 43007
    The VT-IR2/12 Infrared Illuminator is designed to enable your B/W CCD camera to deliver useable images in absolute darkness. It has range to 100 feet and runs off of low voltage 12 VDC. Heavy-duty aluminum construction and a built-in fan enable usage indoor and outdoors.
    $168.00 $540.00