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IR LED Illuminators

IR LED Illuminators provide lighting for indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras.


  • WEC-IMAX-IR-130 LED 60IR upto 130FT

    Product #: 34356

    This illuminator has 60 infrared LED lights that providing lighting up to a 130 foot distance. The light angle is 45 degrees.

    $58.00 $97.00
  • WEC-IMAX-IR-295 12 pcs. Powerful IR LEDs upto 295FT Distance

    Product #: 34353

    This unit has 12 IR LEDs that are powerful enough to illuminate a 295 foot distance. It is ideal for long range illumination and has a 50 degree light angle. 

    $59.00 $131.00
  • WEC-LTIR150 IR LED 18IR(L) upto 500FT

    Product #: 34354

    With 18 IR LEDs, this light can illuminate a 500 foot distance. It has a 50 degree light angle and is ideal for long range illumination.

    $139.00 $142.00
  • VT-IR2/12 12VDC LED Infrared Illuminator w/100 Foot Range

    Product #: 43007
    The VT-IR2/12 Infrared Illuminator is designed to enable your B/W CCD camera to deliver useable images in absolute darkness. It has range to 100 feet and runs off of low voltage 12 VDC. Heavy-duty aluminum construction and a built-in fan enable usage indoor and outdoors.
    $324.00 $540.00