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IP Box Cameras

The iMaxCamPro series of IP box surveillance cameras includes many options for indoor and outdoor surveillance. This type of security camera is often used for traffic monitoring but they also work great for home and office surveillance. Each surveillance camera comes equipped with a CMOS sensor and can record footage both day and night. Every surveillance camera records high definition footage with a resolution of 3MP, 5MP, 720p or 1080p. They also have a built-in web server and are compatible with iPhone and android. Achieve your security goals with the iMaxCamPro series of IP box cameras. 


1.3MP IP Camera with Live Video/Audio and...
Product #: 50539

This discreet surveillance camera can be programmed to send notifications to a user’s smart phone every time a specified event occurs. Users can view high definition 720p footage directly on their iPhone or Android. 

$99.00 $399.99

WEC-IPBOX4 4.0 Megapixel Day/Night IP WDR...
Product #: 86944

This IP box surveillance camera records excellent quality video at a 1520p resolution. The infrared cut filter ensures that no color distortion will happen during daytime recording and that a clear picture will still come through during nighttime recording. 

$430.00 $950.00

1.3MP Pinhole, 3.6mm Lens, 30FPS@1.3MP,...
Product #: 87022

This hidden pinhole surveillance camera records high definition footage with a 1.3MP / 720 P resolution. It has a 3.6mm fixed lens with low lux sensitivity for recording in very low light.

$440.00 $780.00

WEC-IPIND 2MP Industrial Weatherproof HD...
Product #: 64334

This industrial weatherproof surveillance camera is ideal for outdoor use. It adheres to IP66 standards, which means it is dust tight and water-resistant. 

$498.00 $1,350.00