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iMaxCamPro has been an industry leader for over a decade expanding its technology along the way. This High End DVR brings the quality and integrity professional installers and end users alike have come to appreciate. Recently being added to the direct consumer market has allowed iMaxCamPro to stream line your user experience by listening to end users input, adding to the ease of use and installation of this durable DVR. Fully functional client software gives you the capacity to monitor your home or business from any application you choose, be it your smart phone, laptop or MAC or Windows PC. Our Client software also allows for REMOTE RECORDING. In the event that your DVR is stolen or vandalized, you will have live video recording remotely to a remote PC or another PC on-location to monitor and record. Multiple High Definition monitor outputs allow for VGA, HDMI and composite monitors to be used simultaneously. Real time video recording speed combined with MOTION DETECTION with full real time recording audio option gives you the comfort of knowing what is being said and done at your business. A feature unique to this particular DVR is the E-Map feature which allows you to download a map or building schematic to pinpoint exact locations of your cameras. This feature also gives you the control to determine if you need to alter your camera placement without actually having to move the cameras themselves saving you time and money.


Custom Made Power Cable
Product #: 82345

Custom Made Power Cable

Fake Dummy Dome Security camera with...
Product #: 36287

This is a fake dome security camera designed to fool criminals into thinking they are being recorded. It has a black plastic dome with a blinking red LED light. 

$16.00 $19.99

Fake Dummy Dome Security camera with...
Product #: 36286

This fake dome security camera is white with a blinking red LED light. It is powered by three AA batteries. The fake plastic surveillance camera is small and lightweight but looks real enough to scare potential intruders.

$16.99 $29.50

IMaxCam Inline Remote UTC Controller for...
Product #: 85841

This remote in-line UTC controller allows you to adjust a wide variety of picture settings such as WDR, using the on screen display in our Sony EFFIO P CCTV cameras. Simply plug it in in-line with the BNC video cable
$19.00 $34.99

Dummy Bullet Camera with Blinking Red LED...
Product #: 36289

Not only does this fake bullet surveillance camera look real, but it acts real too. It has a built-in motion detection sensor and will move horizontally 45 degrees if motion is detected. 

$20.00 $29.99

Outdoor Wall Mount Bracket for Dome Camera
Product #: 36841

This is an aluminum mount for dome surveillance cameras. It is safe to use outdoors and weighs approximately 1.4lbs.

$20.00 $25.20

Dummy Silver Bullet Camera with Blinking Red...
Product #: 36290

This fake bullet surveillance camera looks real enough to fool anyone. It has a plastic housing and a blinking red LED light that gives the illusion that the security camera is on and recording.

$22.00 $28.99

IMAX-PFA137 Water-proof Junction Box
Product #: 87178

IMAX-PFA137 Water-proof Junction for IP Dome Cameras

$24.00 $49.99

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA101 Hanging Mount Adapter
Product #: 86941

This iMaxCamPro Hanging Mount adapter is designed to work with many of our iMaxCam Dome IP Cameras.

$24.00 $59.00

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA114 - Mount Adapter for...
Product #: 86951

This mount adapter is designed to connect our larger 30x PTZ cameras to ceiling mounts and ceiling mount extensions.

$24.00 $64.99

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA136 Water-proof Junction Box
Product #: 86953

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA136 Water-proof Junction Box is designed for many of our mid-sized iMaxCamPro Dome Cameras.

$24.00 $49.99

WEC-PFA139 Water-proof Junction Box
Product #: 87331

>Material: Aluminum
>Junction Box
>Neat & Integrated design

$24.00 $43.00

WEC Large Wall Mount for Indoor/Outdoor...
Product #: 85525

This large wall mount is specifically designed to work with Worldeyecam Indoor/Outdoor varifocal dome cameras. It allows more varied mounting and viewing angles than standard camera mounting.

$25.00 $100.00

Fake Dummy Box Security camera
Product #: 86401

Aluminum housing

Fully adjustable (0-90° vertical, 0-360° horizontal)

$26.99 $45.50

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA102 Hanging Mount Adapter
Product #: 86165

This iMaxCamPro Hanging Mount adapter is designed to work with our Mini 12X PTZ cameras

$28.00 $69.00

Outdoor Dummy Black Bullet Camera with...
Product #: 36291

This dummy camera has a black, plastic housing designed to look like a bullet surveillance camera. It has a blinking, red LED indicator light. Power is supplied by two AA batteries and the angle can be adjusted with the mounting brackets.

$29.00 $39.00

WEC-PFA134 - Water-proof Junction Box
Product #: 87330

>Material: Aluminum & SECC
>Junction Box
>Neat & Integrated design

$29.00 $49.00

1/2 CS 2.3MM Fixed Lens
Product #: 86437

This is one 1/2'' chipset,it has a larger view angle than the 1/3 lens.

$30.00 $98.00

9.5 inch Extended Pendant Ceiling Mount for...
Product #: 57622

9.5 inch Extended Pendant Ceiling Mount for Intelligent Smart Zoom Cameras
$30.00 $59.99

Dummy Aluminum Bullet Camera with Blinking...
Product #: 36288

This is a high quality fake dummy camera with an aluminum housing and blinking LED light. The angle can be adjusted 90 degrees vertical and 360 degrees horizontal. 

$30.00 $42.99

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA131 Junction Box
Product #: 86361

For the professional installers who go above and beyond. The perfect solution for mounting cameras and running metal conduit to hide exposed wires.

$30.00 $64.99

Universal Camera Mount PFB110W Series
Product #: 86362

Flush Ceiling Mount for Intelligent Smart Zoom PTZ Cameras
$30.00 $89.00

iMaxCamPro IMAX-SN-MZ-102 for Mini 12X PTZ...
Product #: 85802

iMaxCamPro iMaxCamPro IMAX-SN-MZ-102 for Mini 12X PTZ IP and HD-CVI Cameras.

$35.00 $99.00

HD-CVI IR 720P White Dome w/ 3.6mm Lens,...
Product #: 86356

This dome surveillance camera records up to 30 frames per second with a 720p resolution. It has a 3.6mm lens and infrared technology for nighttime recording. 

$36.00 $149.00

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA130 Junction Box
Product #: 85800

This iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA130 Junction Box can be used with many of our iMaxCamPro IP cameras in situations where conduit is used to protect cables connected to camera.

$37.50 $59.99

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA152 Pole Mount Bracket
Product #: 85955

This iMaxCamPro Pole Mount Bracket will work with most iMaxCamPro IP cameras and mounts

$37.50 $89.00

Hidden Spy Dome 960H 700TVL Low Lux camera
Product #: 56317

This surveillance camera is a small spy dome that can be easily hidden for discreet monitoring. It will continue recording color images in as low as .001 lux. 

$39.00 $340.00

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA121 Universal Junction Box
Product #: 85962

This iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA121 Universal Junction Box can be used with any of our swan neck mounts for our iMaxCamPro IP PTZ cameras.

$39.00 $69.99

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA122 Universal Junction Box
Product #: 85965

This iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFA122 Universal Junction Box can be used with any of our swan neck mounts for our iMaxCamPro IP PTZ cameras.

$39.00 $79.99

iMaxCamPro IMAX-PFB203W Waterproof Wall...
Product #: 86938

This iMaxCamPro outdoor waterproof wall mount will work with most iMaxCamPro IP cameras, excluding larger dome and PTZ cameras.

$39.00 $79.99

POE31U-240-POE-INJECT | 30W PoE Injector
Product #: 87312

  • Gigabit PoE Injector
  • Input: AC 100~240V
  • Output: DC 52V, 30W
  • Distance: 300ft
  • Built-In Power Adapter
$39.00 $149.00

Remote Control for iMaxCamPro DVR/NVRs
Product #: 86747

This remote control can control most iMaxCamPro NVRs and DVRs that support IR control.

$39.99 $59.99

WECPTZ-24VAC-PSU 24VAC 3A Power Supply for...
Product #: 85998

24VAC 3A Power supply for WEC PTZ cameras that require 24VAC power

$40.00 $60.00

WECPTZ210x10v2-DomeCover Replacement Dome...
Product #: 83951

Replacement Dome Cover for WECPTZ210x10v2

4-in-1 1080P Fixed 3.6mm Dome Camera - Black
Product #: 86563

This 4 in 1 1080p camera support four different output formats: Analog, CVI, TVI and AHD. It is rated for outdoor use, has built in IR LEDs for use at night and has a 3.6mm fixed lens.

$44.00 $99.99