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WorldEyeCam was started back in 2001 and officially went live in 2004. The idea came in the wave of the dot com era, but quickly evolved to something much more personal. As a company we wanted to sell products not to just view what is going on, but to provide a sense of security to people. What better way to do that than provide working parents with a nanny camera or a police department with cameras for their local motorcycle officers? Once that first sale came through it became a mission, not just to sell equipment, but to equip our customers with knowledge, to educate them on the importance of security. Allowing people to be their own advocates of safety and not victims of circumstance was such an amazing experience, to be involved with helping people not just pushing a product. We all quickly realized that besides just being a retail website, we could really make a difference in our children’s schools, parks and buses.

We worked up enough capital to begin accepting purchase orders from schools and hired technicians to be able to walk them through the installation. Soon we were able to open up a demonstration office where customer’s could come and get firsthand experience with the equipment before purchasing. After a while it became second nature to have a school call in with their budget and put together the absolute best system we could find to suit their needs. We still maintain those relationships today. While the security industry grows and changes with technological advances every day the person to person contact that got us where we are as a company has kept us humble and thankful to be able to provide consumers with security solutions for their homes and businesses. We are truly thankful to be in this industry and look forward to what the future holds as we know we will be there to keep it secure. Read More »

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