• Product #: 53135
  • This is the latest in top of the line do it yourself surveillance systems. Featuring a color Sharp 1/4" CCD this line of are designed to connect to your PC allowing you to turn your workstation into security central. Simply attach the device to your DVR card* and the crisp clean video from this device (or any of the other cameras in this line) will ensure that nothing slips past your watchful eye.

    Best of all, since these units are designed to use your PC there are no worries about recharging or replacing batteries or the fear of running out of storage space since you'll be storing it to your hard drive. Even better, since the data is automatically saved to your PC it couldn't be easier to recover!

    • Works with your PC to turn your work station into the ultimate security center
    • 420Line Sharp CCD ensures clear video
  • Sale price: $63.80

  • WECHS1450CCDHID Wireless AUDIO/VIDEO Camera
  • WECHS1450CCDHID Wireless AUDIO/VIDEO Camera

  • Product #: 53155

    No matter how hard you try, its just not possible to be every place, all the time. And some places you don't even want to be, though you must find out what's going on there. That's where this next-generation wireless device comes in. It looks and listens where you can't.

    The wireless audio/video camera runs on 12 volt DC power and has a night vision range of 15 meters. Operating without any obstructions during the day, it lets you see clearly up to 100 meters away more than the length of an American football field. The color camera has night vision capability and a rugged weatherproof housing so you don't have to be too particular about where you put it ideal for gathering information in those inhospitable but necessary locations.

  • Sale price: $85.55

  • WECHelmCamHID
  • WECHelmCamHID

  • Product #: 53238
  • Remember that great ride through a park you visited on vacation? Remember trying to tell your biking buddies about it, but not being able to adequately express how cool it really was? That doesn't have to happen any more. With the Helmet Cam DVR,you can make your own videos of all your adventures without having to hire a camera crew to follow you around and maybe get in the way. You can use it to capture high-quality video of your roller blading and skateboarding feats as well. Or attach it to your child's helmet to record the thrill of their learning to skate or ride a bike.

    This top of the line Helmet Cam can accommodate SD cards up to 8 GB. It records up to 30 fps at a resolution of 640x480, and using it couldn't be simpler. The touch of a single button controls recording. The unit needs only 3x AAA batteries to operate and attaches easily.  

  • Sale price: $114.55

  • WECBTCLPHID - Bluetooth Clip DVRb
  • WECBTCLPHID - Bluetooth Clip DVRb

  • Product #: 53133
  • Our latest clip dvr is a fully functional bluetooth device - compatible with any bluetooth enabled phone! All you need to do is clip the DVR to your shirt, pop in the earbud and run the cable down to any portable DVR* of your choice. Best of all the is powered by the DVR so you have no need for batteries in the camera itself.

    • Functional bluetooth
    • Color video
  • Sale price: $126.15

  • W-Bullet
  • W-Bullet

  • Product #: 53242
  • This new wireless inspection camera features a 2.4 GHz transmitter and is perfect for documenting footage in less than ideal lighting, providing up to 5m of clear view. The four super bright LEDs in a ring around the color camera lens do a terrific job of lighting up the image even in total darkness without flooding out the image. Best of all its small size allows it to fit easily in your hand while maintaining a low weight as well (just 30g). The camera can run off of its rechargeable battery or the included power cord making it excellent for inspecting cars or attics, or even for a bouncer checking ID's at the door.
  • Sale price: $129.05


  • Product #: 53241
  • Of course James Bond had one of these. How else do you think they shot the fantastic opening sequences in all those movies? But seriously, here at last is a DVR you can take with you anywhere. Racing down a hillside on a mountain bike, zooming around a motocross track, leaping waves on a water bike (yes, it's water resistant!). So use your imagination. Think of some places to use it that even Ian Fleming wouldn't have dreamed up.

    The ultra advanced Sport Cam is designed to attach easily to your bike. It's water resistant to 3 meters, so you can take it along when you go snorkeling make your friends jealous with video of your underwater adventures! This versatile unit delivers VGA quality video at up to 30 fps with 640x480 resolution anduses SD cards up to 4 GB. With its super-simple operation and variety of accessories, including a mini tripod and a pair of Velcro® straps, the sport cam DVR is ready for whatever exploit you can come up with, even serious surveillance.

  • Sale price: $143.55

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