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  • 17A00-9 16 Zone / 16 Output Expansion Board
  • 17A00-9 16 Zone / 16 Output Expansion Board

  • SKU: 17A00-9
  • Product #: 57007
  • The Model 17A00-9 Expansion Board adds sixteen voltage outputs for control and sixteen inputs for additional security/fire zones, auxiliary or temperature inputs. The 17A00-9 can be mounted up to 1000 feet from the main controller and requires its own power supply and battery. It reduces wiring use in larger installations. It is commonly used for sprinkler systems, control of pumps, motors, remote control circuit breakers, and additional security/fire zones.
  • Sale price: $606.81

  • AU7400-WH lyriQ™ Single Source Four Zone Kit, White (includes power supply)
  • AU7400-WH lyriQ™ Single Source Four Zone Kit, White (includes power supply)

  • SKU: AU7400-WH
  • Product #: 57011
  • The lyriQ Single Source, 4-Zone Kit is the perfect all-in-one solution for whole house audio. Homeowners can enjoy the main music source in four rooms, or choose to listen to a local source in only one room. Its Cat 5 backbone allows whole house commands.
  • Sale price: $1,832.23

  • 84A00-1 HAI Music Gateway
  • 84A00-1 HAI Music Gateway

  • SKU: 84A00-1
  • Product #: 57009
  • A music server/renderer with three independent stereo channels, the Music Gateway lets users select music by artist, title, genre, or playlist. Album art and other metadata can even be viewed. Where a Hi-Fi by HAI or other multi-room audio distribution system is installed, the Music Gateway can be fully integrated. For a clean installation, the Music Gateway is designed for a structured wiring cabinet. It includes WL3 for home control and IP camera integration with remote access including access via smart mobile devices.
  • Sale price: $3,276.81

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