GeoVision Video Analytics

  • 55-AVP00-000 Geovision Advanced Video Analysis
  • 55-AVP00-000 Geovision Advanced Video Analysis

  • Product #: 25335
    • Model Number: GV-AVP
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 55-AVP00-000
    • Add on to Geovision DVRs and NVRs
    • Advanced Motion Detection
    • Face Detection
    • Unattended & Missing Object Detection
    • Privacy Mask
    • Scene Change Detection
    • Enhanced Object Counting
    • Intrusion Alarm
    • People Counting
    • PIP (Picture-in-Picture) & PAP (Picture-and-Picture) available w/ Megapixel Camera
    • Advanced Options: Panorama View, Video Stabilization, Defog Function
  • Sale price: $320.00

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