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GeoVision Video Analytics

Video Analytics automatically analyzes video to detect events, count people and recognize license plate numbers among many other things. This technology is often more reliable than having employees monitor footage manually. Video Analytics software will monitor live footage 24/7 and alert users to abandoned objects or loitering. Pre-recorded footage can be quickly searched for a specific event, face or license plate. This can cut police investigation time way down. While it may take a person hours or even days to comb through surveillance footage, Video Analytics software can find the footage in a matter of minutes. A shorter investigation time means a higher chance of catching criminal


55-AVP00-000 Geovision Advanced Video Analysis
Product #: 25335

This video analytics software from Geovision can monitor and analyze surveillance footage to warn users of possible threats. It is equipped with advanced motions detection, face detection, unattended object detection, people counting and intrusion alarm. 

$320.00 $480.00