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GeoVision v8.54 SD200 PTZ Movement Speed Patch

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Note: This patch is applicable to v8.54 Multicam only.
Problem: SD200 slow PTZ movement speed under v8.54 Multicam

Patch Installation Procedure
  1. Close Multicam and any running GeoVision application.
  2. Unzip and extract the zip file in the attachment below.
  3. Copy PtzConfig.dll & PTZReadIni.dll under GVxxx folder to C:\GV-XXX folder and replace the existing files
  4. Copy ONVIF.ini under GVxxx-PTZSetup to C:\GV-XXX\PTZSetup_New folder and replace the existing files
  5. Copy ONVIF.dll under IPCamX-Protocol to C:\WINDOWS\IPCamX\Protocol folder and replace the existing files
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