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Geovision Mobile Solutions

GeoVision offers GPS tracking devices for vehicles and mobile DVRs. These devices can be used on the go while still providing high quality surveillance.


81-GPURT-001 Geovision GPS Module for Video...
Product #: 25355

The GV-GPS Receiver can work with GV-Video Server to perform GPS vehicle tracking. It operates with a 1575.42 MHz frequency and has 20 channels of tracking. 

$60.00 $114.00

81-GP232-001 Geovision GPS Module for...
Product #: 25361

The GV-GPS Receiver can work with GV-Compact DVR to perform GPS vehicle tracking.  It operates with a 1575.42 MHz frequency and has 20 channels of tracking. 

$85.50 $114.00

84-LX4C2-131 Geovision Compact DVR MPEG-4...
Product #: 25365

GV-Compact DVR is an embedded system that supports MPEG-4 compression with superior network functions. It captures video at up to 120 fps with 2 CIF (half D1) resolution, and allows independent adjustment settings for channel resolution, quality and frame rate.

$753.00 $1,004.00

Geovision, 84-LX8D2-100U, GV-LX8CD2 8...
Product #: 85985

The GV-LX8CD2 is an 8 channel DVR from Geovision. It is a compact, mobile video recorder that can simultaneously displaying real-time images from four security cameras. The DVR records 30fps per channel at the resolution of 704 x 480.

$917.99 $1,453.48

UVS-NPM01-16 GeoVision 16 Channel Mobile NVR...
Product #: 85815

Designed to withstand rugged environments, the UVS-Mobile NVR System operates at a wide range of temperature and comes with anti-vibration protection, making it suitable for public transits and industrial environments. For storage, it offers up to 1 hot swappable bay for use with any HDD/SSD drive. 

$2,399.00 $3,850.00