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Error in MultiView: "Resolution must be at least 1024x768"

Error in MultiView: "Resolution must be at least 1024x768"
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If you are receiving the error, "Resolution must be at least 1024x768" while using MultiView, possible causes are:

  • Desktop resolution is smaller than 1024px x 768px.
  • Multiple version of MultiView exist on the same system.
  • Corrupted MultiView system files/OCX files

  • Solutions

  • Verify that desktop resolution is greater than 1024px x 768px.
  • Remove all MultiView installations with Add/Remove Programs within Control Panel.
  • Delete all folders starting with 'V' under the folders, "C:\Windows" and "C:\Program Files". (fore example: "v8320")
  • Delete "GeoOCX" folder under "C:\Windows".
  • Delete "DMMultiview" folder under C:\Program Files.
  • Reinstall MultiView.
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