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Entry Devices

Entry Devices keep a building secure so only authorized personnel can enter. WorldEyeCam offers card readers for buildings with a key card system, keypads for buildings with a key code system and even fingerprint readers for buildings who want the most secure access control system. We offer all of these devices at affordable prices to fit our customers needs.


55-RE251-110 Geovision Card Reader 125Khz
Product #: 25586

This GeoVision card reader supports a 125 KHz frequency. It uses a RS485 9600bps communication type and 12V DC power. The reader displays a red/green LED light and beeper when it is activated by a card.

55-RE352-110 Geovision Card Reader 13.56Mhz...
Product #: 25587

The GV-Reader-1356 supports a 13.56 Mhz for ISO14443A frequency. It uses a RS485 9600bps communication type.

55-ASKEY-100 Geovision Keypad for AS200
Product #: 25588

This is a GeoVision Keypad for AS200 access control device. It uses english characters and 4 x 4 key for operation.


Electromagnetic Lock with built-in voltage...
Product #: 85609

The GV-ML600 is a surface mount electromagnetic lock featured with a built-in voltage spike suppressor. It can be applied for single-leaf or double-leaf doors.

GV-RU9003 UHF RFID Reader
Product #: 87260

GV-RU9003 is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader of ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2) standard. Designed for parking lot management, the reader can read RFID tag within 10 m (32.8 ft).

81-MF190-001 Geovision Fingerprint Reader
Product #: 25589

The fingerprint reader GeoFinger can work with GV-AS200 Controller and GV-ASManager to create a complete access control system.