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GeoVision Monitoring Software

GeoVision Monitoring Software for integrated security system management. Part of GeoVision DVR/NVRs.


  • GV-KINEC-ICM GV-3D People Counter - In-Ceiling Mount for Xtion Pro Live 3D Camera

    Product #: 86041

    The In-Ceiling Mount is used to mount Asus Xtion Pro / Asus Xtion Pro Live on the ceiling.

    $48.00 $55.00
  • 55-CV201-000 GeoVision Center V2 Pro Central Monitoring Station Software

    Product #: 25326

    The GV-Center V2 Pro is a professional version of Central Monitoring Station (CMS) software that can be installed in a CMS server. It brings multiple GeoVision GV-Systems together into an integrated interface, allowing the operator to manage several systems from one point of control.

    $150.00 $320.00
  • 55-DSPCH-000 GeoVision Dispatch Server Software

    Product #: 25329

    The GeoVision dispatch server software can manage up to 500 Center V2 servers. It can provide services for up to 10,000 people.

    $150.00 $320.00
  • 55-CTRLC-000 Geovision Control Center Software for Multiple Remote Geovision System Control

    Product #: 25330

    The GV-Control Center software is an integrated security management system that provides a handy tool to maintain central monitoring station operation. 

    $225.00 $480.00
  • GV-KINEC-CAM GV-3D People Counter Xtion Pro Live 3D Camera

    Product #: 86040

    The Asus Xtion Pro Live is a motion sensor used to detect the number of people who have walked through the detection area. For use with the GV-3D People Counter Main Controller

    $310.00 $400.00
  • GV-3DPBX GV-3D People Counter Main Controller

    Product #: 86039

    The GV-3D People Counter integrates Asus Xtion Pro / Asus Xtion Pro Live to count and analyze the number of people passing by the designated detection area. You can connect the GV-3D People Counter with a VGA or HDMI monitor for direct display of counting data and configuring device settings through on-screen display (OSD) menu. GV-3D People Counter comes with a built-in Web interface, the GV-Web Report Lite, for easy setup and looking up people counting data.

    $520.00 $700.00