GeoVision Monitoring Software

  • 55-CV201-000 GeoVision Center V2 Pro Central Monitoring Station Software
  • 55-CV201-000 GeoVision Center V2 Pro Central Monitoring Station Software

  • Product #: 25326
    • Model Number: GV-CENTERV2
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 55-CV201-000


    The GV-Center V2 Pro is a professional version of Central Monitoring Station (CMS) software that can be installed in a CMS server. It brings multiple GeoVision GV-Systems together into an integrated interface, allowing the operator to manage several systems from one point of control. The GV-Center V2 Pro can manage 500 GV-Systems and receive video images from maximal 800 channels to its monitoring screen. On an alert condition, the GV-Center V2 Pro receives live images or event messages with attached video clips to correlate evidence of activity and instantly brings operator's attention.

    Benefits to the Use of GV-Center V2 Pro

    • Cost-effective
      -Use GV-Center v2 Pro software on current GV-System
      -Saves cost compared to traditional matrix systems or alarm monitoring services
    • Time-effective
      -Flexible control and management to 500 GV-Systems
      -Helps security operator verify the nature of the alarm on the spot
      Fast to handle alert notifications
    • Relatively small manpower requirements
      -Raises the effectiveness of security personnel by bringing potential threats to their attention
      -Effectively reduces false alarms
    • Prescription for business security
      -Panic-button support offers effective crime prevention for convenience store, gas station, and restaurant security
    • Strong Authentication with enhanced network security
      -Utilized RSA encryption to protect the data security


    Most of the alerts can be verified in video evidence before the security guards are dispatched to the site. We have concluded 13 most frequent alert conditions in a security event (see diagram below). As soon as any of the alert conditions occurs, the GV-Center V2 Pro can automatically activate alarms to notify the operators or the authorities designate, such as security station. The security personnel can thus verify the nature of alarms on the spot and take proper actions. Meanwhile an SMS or e-mail message of alerts will be sent to the local GV-System subscriber or other authorities, such as school administrators. This mechanism of GV-Center V2 Pro and its security network can successfully reduce the probability of false alarms.

  • Sale price: $240.00

  • 55-DSPCH-000 GeoVision Dispatch Server Software
  • 55-DSPCH-000 GeoVision Dispatch Server Software

  • Product #: 25329
    • Model Number: GV-DISPATCH
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 55-DSPCH-000
    • Central managing up to 500 Center V2 servers
    • Capable of providing services for up to 10,000 subscribers
    • Auto connection lost recovery
    • Subscriber load balancing, distributes subscriber request across a group of Center V2 Servers.
  • Sale price: $240.00

  • 55-CTRLC-000 Geovision Control Center Software for Multiple Remote Geovision System Control
  • 55-CTRLC-000 Geovision Control Center Software for Multiple Remote Geovision System Control

  • Product #: 25330
    • Model Number: GV-CONTROLCENTER
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 55-CTRLC-000

    The GV-Control Center software is an integrated security management system that provides a handy tool to maintain central monitoring station operation. GV-Control Center introduces a comprehensive solution that provides center operators with time efficiency to control networked GV-Systems and I/O devices. With GV-Control Center, multiple GV-Systems and I/O devices within a DVR server farm can be managed and maintained efficiently to enhance their monitoring performance and ensure smooth operation.

  • Sale price: $360.00

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