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GeoVision Monitoring Software

GeoVision Monitoring Software for integrated security system management. Part of GeoVision DVR/NVRs.


  • GV-KINEC-ICM GV-3D People Counter - In-Ceiling Mount for Xtion Pro Live 3D Camera

    Product #: 86041

    The In-Ceiling Mount is used to mount Asus Xtion Pro / Asus Xtion Pro Live on the ceiling.

    $48.00 $55.00
  • 55-CV201-000 GeoVision Center V2 Pro Central Monitoring Station Software

    Product #: 25326

    The GV-Center V2 Pro is a professional version of Central Monitoring Station (CMS) software that can be installed in a CMS server. It brings multiple GeoVision GV-Systems together into an integrated interface, allowing the operator to manage several systems from one point of control.

    $150.00 $320.00
  • 55-DSPCH-000 GeoVision Dispatch Server Software

    Product #: 25329

    The GeoVision dispatch server software can manage up to 500 Center V2 servers. It can provide services for up to 10,000 people.

    $150.00 $320.00
  • 55-CTRLC-000 Geovision Control Center Software for Multiple Remote Geovision System Control

    Product #: 25330

    The GV-Control Center software is an integrated security management system that provides a handy tool to maintain central monitoring station operation. 

    $225.00 $480.00
  • GV-KINEC-CAM GV-3D People Counter Xtion Pro Live 3D Camera

    Product #: 86040

    The Asus Xtion Pro Live is a motion sensor used to detect the number of people who have walked through the detection area. For use with the GV-3D People Counter Main Controller

    $310.00 $400.00
  • GV-Video Gateway 128 CH - 55-VR128-000

    Product #: 86168

    The GV-Video Gateway is a video streaming server designed for large-scale video surveillance deployments. It can receive up to 128 IP cameras from various IP video devices. In addition, it can simultaneously distribute up to 300 channels to its clients which include GV-System (DVR/NVR system), GV-VMS (video management system), GV-GIS (geographic information system), GV-Mobile Server, GV-Control Center (central monitoring system), and Multi View (viewing software) and GV-Edge Recording Manager (multi view software). GV-Video Gateway can also send text notifications to one GV-VSM (Vital Sign Monitor) when alert conditions occur. Using the GV-Video Gateway, the desired frame rates can be reached while the CPU loading and the bandwidth usage of IP video devices are significantly reduced.

    $400.00 $658.00
  • GV-3DPBX GV-3D People Counter Main Controller

    Product #: 86039

    The GV-3D People Counter integrates Asus Xtion Pro / Asus Xtion Pro Live to count and analyze the number of people passing by the designated detection area. You can connect the GV-3D People Counter with a VGA or HDMI monitor for direct display of counting data and configuring device settings through on-screen display (OSD) menu. GV-3D People Counter comes with a built-in Web interface, the GV-Web Report Lite, for easy setup and looking up people counting data.

    $520.00 $700.00
  • Geovision GV-RG064 64CH IP Recording Server (GV IP Only) - 56-RG064-000

    Product #: 86169

    The GV-Recording Server is a video streaming server designed for large-scale video surveillance deployments. It can receive and record up to 128 channels from various IP video devices. Through an intuitive Web interface, each IP camera can be configured to record video continuously, upon motion detection, upon I/O trigger or according to a schedule.


    $1,760.00 $2,152.00