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16 Channel DVR

Our 16 Channel security DVRs are equipped to record and store footage from up to 16 different security cameras. They are compatible with a variety of styles including bullet, dome and pan/tilt/zoom. Many of these systems are able to store large amounts of data and can also be backed up so you never have to worry about losing footage. We have DVRs that are compatible with both analog and IP surveillance cameras. Footage can be viewed from any of your mobile devices such as a cell phone or tablet and also on a PC or MAC with the free client software and apps included with the DVR. All systems are capable of recording on motion or full time recording depending on your specific need. Give us a call with any questions you may have 888-211-CCTV.


16Ch IMaxCamPro Mini DVR System
Product #: 85863

This DVR is compact and easy to use. It has the improved Client Software for intelligent monitoring and footage can also be monitored remotely from a mobile device.

$252.50 $1,060.00

16 Ch iMaxCamPro Platinum Lite 960H Analog,...
Product #: 85447

This DVR records high resolution video from up to 16 different CCTV surveillance cameras. Records audio and video from up to 16 1080p HD-CVI, IP, Analog surveillance cameras It offers live recording and playback on a central monitor or remotely on a mobile device. 

$577.50 $637.50

16 Ch IMaxCamPro Hybrid Support IP &...
Product #: 85835

The Gold iMaxCamPro DVR is the ultimate in digital surveillance technology. The DVR’s high performance and ease of use functionality combine to create one of the best standalone systems on the market today.

$855.00 $2,548.50

16Ch iMaxCamPro Platinum-Lite 960H Analog,...
Product #: 63386

This DVR can record footage from up to 16 different surveillance cameras at one time. It has synced audio and video with real time playback in full HD.

$1,530.00 $1,980.00

16 Ch iMaxCamPro Platinum 960H Analog,...
Product #: 85809

The platinum DVR from iMaxCamPro provides high resolution images on four different channels. It has unlimited storage so users never have to lose important video. 

$1,625.00 $1,799.00

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