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DVR Lock Boxes

The DVR Lock Boxes gives you the best protection for your security surveillance system. It is an essential component in your CCTV security system. The lock box will house your DVR under lock and key so no one can damge it or steal it. You will never have to worry about loss of footage due to theft or vandalism when you have this lock box.


DVR / VCR Lock Box Security Cabinet - DVR...
Product #: 16485

The DVR Lockbox Security Cabinet can protect and secure your DVR. It has a built-in fan to prevent overheating so it can protect your DVR not just from vandals and thiefs but also from hot temperatures. 

$180.00 $292.50

SLB-2-K - Security Lock Box w/Fan and Filter
Product #: 60990

This DVR lock box is made of durable steel. It has front and rear ventilation ports so the unit won't overheat. The front panel has a hinge so it can be unlocked and the DVR can be easily accessed.

$380.00 $675.00