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COP Security

COP Security


Cop USA LA-07 Surveillance Warning Sticker
Product #: 16504

"NOTICE - Surveillance Cameras On Duty"
$2.00 $3.00

Cop USA LA-06 9x6 Warning Sign
Product #: 16506

"NOTICE - Surveillance Cameras On Duty"
$9.00 $11.00

Cop USA LA-05 18x12 Warning Sign
Product #: 16507

"NOTICE - Surveillance Cameras On Duty"
$12.00 $15.00

COP-CCTV Color CCD Dome Camera with 3.5-8mm...
Product #: 86424

Dome cameras are one of the most efficient ways to monitor your home or business. Aside from being highly visible and intimidating, their positioning high above the ground make it so that they not only get a great view of the property, but it is virtually impossible for an intruder to tamper with it. The CD35VAD Color CCD Dome Camera from COP-CCTV would be an excellent addition to any security system. With its 3.5-8mm auto iris lens, you can rest assured that the images being captured by this unit are crisp, clear, and in color too! So any burglar who dares enter your home or property will not go unnoticed. Because the CD35VAD only weighs a couple pounds, it is also relatively easy to install and remove.

$39.00 $340.00

RK42 - 19" Rack Mount Stand
Product #: 17153

RK42 - 19" Rack Mount Stand

Aluminum Black; hold up to 450lbs; 42U Stand; 55lbs Weight; Compact Shipping Packaging
$360.00 $499.00
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