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Remote Call Stations

Remote call stations are push button activated, notifying a user that the button has been pushed and activating the built-in speaker. These stations work similar to call boxes or intercoms. Each one comes with a built-in speaker and LED indicator.


TLMC-W Louroe Electronics Remote Call...
Product #: 23898

This is a Louroe remote call station with 4” speaker and 1” red call button. It has a flush mount box for seamless installation into walls. When the button is pressed an LED light comes on and the base station is activated.

$319.50 $376.00

TLMC-12VF Louroe Electronics Push Button...
Product #: 23894

This remote call station has a 5W 4” speaker and 1” push button. When the button is pushed and LED light will come on and the base station will be activated.

$368.00 $408.00