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Audio Interface


  • Louroe Electronics IF-1 Adapter

    Product #: 16399
    The IF-1 Adapter serves as an interconnection device between a Louroe electret condenser microphone and other audio sources such as a DVR or computer sound card. It contains a terminal block to receive wiring from the microphone, a jack for 12 Vdc power input, RCA jack for connection to a DVR, a 3.5mm jack for connection to a computer sound card and a variable control for adjusting gain into the sound card to prevent overdrive. RCA cable for connection to a DVR is included. 12 Vdc power supply, for applying power and driving the microphone is included.
  • IF-2 Louroe Electronics 2 Channel Audio Interface For DVR-VCR-IP Servers

    Product #: 20568
    • Compatible with all Louroe mirophones
    • Contains terminal blocks for microphone connections
    • Supplies 12V DC power to the microphones
    • Dual outputs ( per microphone ) to accommodate either an RCA input or 3.5mm input connection to DVR, IP Network Camera, etc.
    • Gain adjust (each output) to prevent overdriving or underdriving the audio signal
    • 12V DC power supply included
    • RCA connector cables and 3.5mm mono connector cables (with stereo adapter) included
    • Audio test switch with indicator LED to assure presence of audio
    $183.00 $244.00
  • AMT-600 Louroe Electronics Line Driver

    Product #: 23925
    • Contains terminal block for receiving wiring connection from remote Louroe Microphone
    • Supplies phantom power to the microphone
    • Adjustment for level control of microphone output
    • 12VDC power transformer included
    $225.00 $300.00
  • AMT/R-600 Louroe Electronics Line Driver/Receiver

    Product #: 23947
    • Both a line driver and a line receiver/power driver in one housing
    • Level control for adjusting proper output from line driver
    • Line receiver level control for adjusting output for desired listening level at base station location
    • 15 VDC, 1A plug-in power supply included
    • 70V transformer for connection to Louroe
    • Speaker/Microphone provided, or a 600ohm transformer if interfaced with wireless
    $276.00 $368.00
  • Louroe Electronics IF-4 Audio Interface Adapter

    Product #: 16406
    Four zone audio interface adapter designed for connecting up to four Louroe microphones with a DVR, PC sound card or other recording device that has multiple audio inputs.
    $277.00 $295.00
  • Louroe Electronics IF-8 Audio Interface Adapter For DVR-VCR-IP Servers

    Product #: 17492
    Eight zone audio interface adapter designed for connecting up to eight Louroe microphones with a DVR, PC sound card or other recording device that has multiple audio inputs.

    The input side of the IF-8 has terminal blocks for receiving the wiring from the microphones. The output side has two types of output:

    * RCA type - For connection to a DVR with RCA audio inputs.
    * 3.5mm type - For connection to a DVR with a 3.5mm audio input or to "line in" of a PC sound card.

    The IF-8 also contain individual "audio out control" potentiometers for audio gain adjustment. Output from the Louroe microphone can be amplified to 10dB. A 12Vdc power supply (included) provides power to the Louroe microphone.
    $370.00 $489.00

    Product #: 85433

    Model IF-PX is a single zone POE in-line interface designed to extracts power from an Ethernet connection to power Louroe microphones, speaker/microphones and external devices that require a 12Vdc supply such as Encoders and Non PoE IP cameras. The IF-PX supports both one-way and two-way audio. Most commercial grade line level unbalanced microphones are compatible with this unit. Audio output has variable gain control.

    $381.10 $420.00