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Microphone Mixers

Microphone mixers combine multiple microphones into one audio zone. You can have multiple microphones spread across a room or building and then combine the audio from each one to capture the sound of the entire space. Mixers ensure that the audio is mixed together properly so you get the highest quality audio playback. We have mixers for varying amounts of microphones.


RN-2 Louroe Electronics Microphone Mixer
Product #: 23955

A passive mixer for combining two microphones, or two speaker/microphones to one audio monitoring zone. It is mounted between the microphones and the Louroe Base Station. 

$90.00 $106.00

MLA-6 Louroe Electronics Microphone Mixer
Product #: 23956

Microphone (or speaker/microphone) mixer for combining up to six microphones (or six speaker/microphones) for zone expansion. It is located between the remote units and the Louroe Base Station.


MLA-8 Louroe Combines up to 8 Microphones to...
Product #: 41471

Combines up to 8 Microphones to create 1 Audio Zone
$345.00 $430.00